Hacked My Heart

I had just moved to Chicago with a new look on life. I thought life would go easy on me but it hadn't. My new invention couldn't impress anyone. I lost my home. I had nothing. We'll I thought I didn't. That's before I met a man that could just hack my heart.


1. Author's Note

My beautiful readers! This is your author speaking!!!

its one in the morning where I am and I may not get the first chapter in soon... But first let me give you a little background information on why I am writing a story about a video game.

So there is a guy onYoutube named H2O Delirious and he came out and played this new game called Watch Dogs.

And I am what you called... Hooked!

I love the story line and if you haven't heard of this game you have to look it up. Or just watch Delirious's videos but watch out he has some bad language. 

Aiden Pearce is a hacker that practically controls all of Chicago.

Belle is an aspiring inventor who just invented clothes that make the wearer invisible (don't ask me how it works, it just does). I'm sorry but I just love the name Belle so much I use it in almost all of my stories!

What happens when they cross paths?

I don't even know!

anyways check out H2O Delirious and hit the like and fan button!

Love ya all!!!


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