The Raging War (poetry)

poams that I wrote and I think it touches the heart on how we need to make a change and how terrible war is and that we should not use it to fix problems....


1. War

I watched the fire burn away

I smelt the ash that with never decay

I saw them all scream to death

As bombs hit the ground without rest

People ran but it was to late

Because nothing could save them from their fate

Destined to die or to fight for the state


They all fell one by one

Trying to escape the guns

Never to live and never to die

Now haunting graves, hearing them cry

They took in the scene of all the blood

The tearing and scratching covered in mud

I breathed in the air 

But all I could hear was despair 


They became selfish with power wanting more

I don't even think they feel bad about starting a war


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