Demon Passion

Davion Daitron who is a demon is going to a new high school in London called Cambridge high school. In the past Davion loved a girl who he meet 12 years ago. They were really great friends till one day she had to go to London for a business her parents were working on. At London Davion runs into Yui the girl he loves and tries to see if she remembers him or not ..


1. Party to London

I stood there looking at the stars ..thinking..thinking about her.

"Tch..I wonder what's she's doing now.."

"Hey the ladies are waiting for you " said Drake leaning on the door

"Ok ok I'll be there right now."I said putting on my tie

"Your still thinking about her ..right?" Said Drake

"Yea.." I said heading to the ballroom

It's been 12 years without seeing her we are finally 17 now..

~12 years ago~

"Say Davion..."

"Yes Yui?.." I said

"My parents have new business in London.." said Yui upset

I was surprised and shocked ..I didn't want her to leave my side

"Y-Your leaving...?!" I said about to bursting in tears of the shocking frustration

"Yes ..I hope we can meet again soon.." She said crying giving me a hug then she left.


"Everyone please welcome our honorable son Davion Daitron!" Said father proud because it is my birthday . I wasn't happy but I enjoyed the party they gave me.

"Um...Davion.." said Hana shy

I finished drinking my soda. I wiped my mouth with a napkin.

"Yes Hana" I said smiling at her

"Well..y-you see..." Hana said stuttering

The music came on and I loved the song so I wanted to Dance.

"Say Hana ..May I have this dance?"I held my hand out bowing a bit

I saw that Hana was flustered

"Y-yes!" Hana said giving me her hand

I put my hand on her waist and held her left hand

We started dancing I could hear the other girls talking about Hana because she was dancing with me. Easy to tell they are and that there envious because I am a demon first of all so i can tell very easily.

"So Hana please finish what you were telling me" i said staring at her

"Yes!.. My father said well be going to London with your family for our new high school education."

"Oh yes my father told me we will be going to the same school too." I said as we stopped dancing

"Well then Goodnight malady I will be resting now please take care." I said as I gave her a kiss on the hand

"G-goodnight Davion!.."she said blushing

~2 hours after the party finished~

"High school huh.." I said tired

Demons never go to school because what they learn in school they are already born with that information and work skills. I shut my eyes and after awhile I found myself asleep.

"Davion! Look!Look! I found a egg!" Said Yui

"Wow is pretty!" I said amazed

I saw a bright bright light appear.

"Mhm.. Too bright.. It's morning already.." I said half asleep

"Master your bath is ready." Said Ruby

"Thanks!" I said getting in the shower already

"We're leaving today.." I said as I was finishing my shower

I finished up and got changed after I was done changing I got my suit case and bag ready.

"Are you done son?" Said father

"Yes." I said as I followed him with my stuff

We made it to the limo.

"Sir please let me take your bags." Said Jake the butler he took the bags and put them in the car. We got inside the car then we drove off to the airport.




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