My Sweet Sickness

Frank pulls out a cig after a long day of fooling around instead of rehearsing. and walks outside to take a puff. He smiles seeing Gerard walking over to him, suddenly Frank's smile starts to slowly fade away when he sees a distraught look on Gerard's face. "What's wrong G?" Frank asked. "Listen, really need to stop smoking you are really starting to worry me." Gerard said. "Are you seriously talking to me about addiction and worry?" Frank snapped grapping G's sleeve sliding it up G's shoulder seeing all of G's scars. Frank was speechless when he realized what he realized he just say and did. G looked down slowly pulling his sleeve down again, "I-I'll see you later Franky." G stuttered as he turned away walking. "G...I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean it! Please come back." he yelled after then sighed at looked at his cig. ''I blame you." he thinks to himself looking at the cig throwing it down squishing it. He begins to cough more and more as little amount of blood drips out....


1. First warning

Frank looked down at the small puddle of blood in his hand from his mouth, "Shit'' he mumbles to himself. "Hey Frank have you seen-" Ray (a.k.a Princess FroFro) Toro paused pointing to the shocked face on Frank's face and the small puddle of blood in Frank's hand. "You knay man?" He asked nervously. Frank suddenly snaps back into reality wiping of the blood on his jeans, "Yeah-I'm fine-who were you looking for?" Frank laughed nervously.

"Gerard, he seemed really upset when I saw him leave I wanted to check up on him." Ray said. "How upset?" Frank asked quietly as hit bit his lip anxiously.

"Not sure how to explain it, you know G better than anyone else here.." Ray smirked teasingly.

Frank laughed fakely with Ray. "I'll call you when I find him."

"Thanks, see you on Friday right? Same time?"

"Yep, see you later-I'll call you."

"great, bye bro" Ray smiled waving as they went their separate ways to their own houses. As soon as Frank got home he called G-no answer. Then again-still no answer, now Frank was getting even more concerned, "what if he went to far?" Frank thought not so sure if he was talking about G or himself for that matter. As he waited he started to feel hoarse and had a few classes of water, he felt so tired too tired to even worry and fell asleep.

Then next morning he woke up his throat so dry he could barely even breathe,. However, seeing a few missed calls from G made him sigh in relief no matter painful it felt.

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