Empire State Of Mind

Meet Kat Syndara, she's a young 17 year old girl who thinks her life is a big struggle. But, one day she gets a visit from an angel named Cai. Cai gives Kat a challenge. She says that if Kat could survive 1 year in another persons body she would realize that her life isn't as hard compared to someone else's. Once Kat switches bodies she realizes its not just a normal person's body she is switching with. It turns out the someone she switches bodies with is Rydel Mary Lynch from R5. Watch Kat learn that her life isn't that much of struggle compared to Rydel Lynches and watch as she adapts to her life and so does Rydel. ©2014 All Rights Reserved @SkittlesR5


1. IIOneII

                                                                    Empire State Of Mind

                                                                         Chapter One



"I said go!" 

"Ugh, Fine" I complain as I head to the garage to fix up some things for my mother.

I feel my hand touch a small bumpy thing. I pick it up only find a old picture of My Mother, brother, Dad and I. 

I sigh. " I remember the times, when we actually got along" I mutter.


Where do I begin? My family and I don't get along like we used to. Back then, my family and I used have fun, laugh, smile, and joke all night long. But Now? Huh, all we do is argue about stupid things. That is especially what my parents do. If the Syndara's aren't arguing with each other, you may find us simply ignoring each other for the most pathetic of issues. 

The name is Kat Syndara. I have a very hard life full of struggles and issues. But, most of these issues aren't even mine. I don't know, but somehow people like to blame all of their issues on me. I could be just minding my business and my friend might turn on me because something horrible happened to her in science class. Speaking of friends, I don't have many. I am not the most popular girl in school or even the class. My age? I am a 17 year old. I am your typical teenager. But, don't get me wrong, I could be a little sassy and rude sometimes. I just stick in my own lane and stay out of others. But no matter what I do, I somehow end up to be the bad guy. Yeah, I know cliche. Sometimes, I wish I could just be alone. And I don't want any D.R.A.M.A.  

"What's up, Kat?" I hear a male voice behind me, which snaps me out of my thoughts. I turn around to find the most hottest guy on my block, Jesy Agels. 

"Oh, Hey Jesy." I wave awkwardly as I lean on the garage wall.

"You okay, you seemed a little startled?"  Jesy furrows his eyebrow

Startled- Of course I am startled to see my crush in front of me . "Ahh, nothings wrong. So, what do you need?" I ask

"Well, I was wondering if you could come over and help my mother and I with setting up our stuff?" Jesy smiles.

Jesy and the rest of his family just moved in a few days ago. And my family and I already had dinner with them. But, Ugh! Mrs.Agels? You mean help her?!?! Why would I do that? She is the most rudest woman who ever came on this block. Oh, Jesy, you are so lucky I like you. Otherwise, I wouldn't be helping you. I don't know why Ms.Agels doesn't like me. The first time my family and I met her, I was the nicest. But, she got along with the rest of the family. Huh, figures... Cruel and Rude actually gel together. " Of course I would come over." I spoke as I try to put on a smile. 

"Thanks, Kat. Your the greatest." Jesy smiled back and laid his hand on my shoulder and walked away. When he touched me I felt a sudden rush of electricity, which made me jum

"No problem. I will come over in a few minutes" I raise my voice so Jesy could hear me. "See you, Kat." Jesy responds, still walking away.

I twirled back around to what I were doing before. I completed al the things that needed fixing up. My family and I are moving in a few days. Which means, I never got to tell Jesy how I feel for him. But whatever, because he is dating some snobby girl named Alyssa. After closing up the garage, I strolled to Jesy's house and rang the doorbell. I sighed after pressing that button.  I looked up to find Mabel. One of he most popular girls in school and also Jesy's sister. She is another one who hates me. But, I try not to be rude to her, because if I am it could mess up my relationship with Jesy and she would make my life a living hell. 

"Whats Up, Miss Know It All?" Mabel asked sarcastically as she squinted her eyes. 

Before, I could say anything, Jesy came. Thank God! "Aww, C'mon, Mabel. Be nice." I stuck my tongue out as Jesy grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

"Woah, you still have a lot of boxes that aren't unpacked." I blinked.

Jesy laughed. " Yeah, that's why we called you.You know, The Agels have a busy schedule." 

"Hehe, yeah." I laugh

"So, here is what we need you to unpack. Mabel will help you with this side. But after that you are done." Jesy nods. Ugh! No not Mabel! She is such a rude person. Oh Crap!

"Okay, where is Mabel?" I ask, but I was really happy she was nowhere to be found.

"Oh, she probably just went to get something. She will back in a little while. You may start if you'd like" Jesy walked upstairs.

I walked over to the side where I were supposed to be working on with Mabel. The side was  filled with boxes and cases with signs that say 'FRAGILE'. I opened up one box, I saw a a picture of Mabel when she were little. I was interrupted by a voice coming from behind me. I spun around to find this spirit like thing standing behind me.  

What? Who is this? She is wearing a white long dress as if she is like a ghost!  "Excuse me, who are you?" I whisper as I gape at this person

The spirit laughs. " I am Cai, I am your angel." 

What? A angel?  " What do you mean an angel? I mean, ugh! What do you want?" I ask.

"Well, I will tell you later. Just meet me at 8 inside your garage." Cai disappears

Just then, Mabel comes downstairs. "What's Up, Loser?" Mabel smirks.

"Can we just get this over with? So, we will never have to see each other again." 

"Whatever!" Mabel shrugs.

We immediately start working. I don't know why but Mabel tries to have a conversation with me.

"So, Kat, I hear you are moving in a few days. Where to?" Mabel asks.

"Atlanta." I simply reply

We finish working and I check the time and its 7:30.  I don't know why, but it still looked like the daytime instead of the evening. I walked back to my house and into my garage. 

"Hello, Cai are you here?" I ask

"Here!" Cai appears

" Now, what do you want?" I ask rudely

"So, I hear that you think your life is struggle." Cai shakes her head.

"I don't know, it is. Everyone in my family hates me. My Mom, Maia. My Brother, Jordan. And my Dad, Caspar."

"No they don't I betcha no one hates you!"

"Yeah, whatever. I have it hard."

"You think you have a hard life, check out someone else's"

"Yeah Whatever" I shake my head

"I'll tell you what, I want you to see if you could survive a year in someone else's body. Because Tomorrow you will wake up in someone else's body and you will have to adapt to their life and they will with yours." Cai spoke

Whatever! She is just lying. " I don't care what you say. I know you are lying and my life is harder than anyone else's." I shake my head once again.

"Fine, don't believe me you'll see tomorrow. Now, get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day" Cai says stretching out the 'o'.

"Bye!"  I say harshly and Cai disappears.


I eat dinner and head to bed...


Like any of this is actually true... Pfftt....








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