Survivor (Carl Grimes fanfic)

Terminus, so many deaths. Survivors trying to escape a locked train compartment when...


2. Too Many Ideas


Maggie backed up and I stood up. "You have to listen," I began, "I'm here to look for someone. If you don't go by my ideas, You stay here." I heard whispers among the group. "No." A man said walking forward.

"You're just a kid. What brilliant 'ideas' could you possibly have that could get us out of here?" I look closely at the man. "And you are?" I questioned. "Daryl." He replied. I put my knife back in my pocket and stepped forward. A kid with blue eyes stood there silently and listened. "Well, Daryl, I've escaped here before. I just came back to find a kid that was kid napped this morning. Like I said before, If you don't want my help, you can stay behind." He just stared at me as another man spoke.

"And we trust you, why?" He said. I rolled my eyes. "Cause you need my help. I'm the one with the weapon, aren't I?"  I heard someone let out a deep breath and I assumed it was because they had no more questions to ask. 

"I've already told you all my name. Now you tell me yours." I said. Everyone said their name in order. I smiled. "Nice to meet you." I said. Abraham looked at me and then to Eugene. "We have to keep him safe. If anything happens to him, we will never be able to  fix this hell-hole of a world we live in now."

I looked at Eugene and back to Abraham. "If I were you, I wouldn't be going around telling everyone. Believe it or not some messed people actually enjoy this world. No laws and freedom. If they find out he knows the cure then he's dead." I looked back towards Eugene. "Also, If you are so smart, Why didn't you come up with a plan to escape?" 

Eugene just stood there like a soldier. He seems like he doesn't know how to defend himself. I don't seem like it either... But I can. Looks don't matter. He could be strong, or he could be weak. There is no in-between. 

"Okay? Are you gonna tell the plan today or tomorrow?" A voice said. I didn't catch their name... It was the blue eyed boy. "I'm sorry, i didn't catch your name."      "Carl"     I smiled. "Here's the plan."

I retold my story of how I first escaped. Then I explained my idea to escape. 

They nodded and smiled. "That's actually a smart Idea.." I heard among the crowd. suddenly, the door swung open and a body was thrown in. The door was slammed shut and I heard crying. "Timmy?!?" I said, rushing to him. He was missing a leg. "They c-cut o-off my l-leg..." He whimpered. He was bleeding a lot. "Someone... help me save him.." I whispered.

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