Survivor (Carl Grimes fanfic)

Terminus, so many deaths. Survivors trying to escape a locked train compartment when...


1. ~1~ Welcome Back

"Timmy?!?" I yelled, standing up from my nap on the couch. He wasn't where I told him to stay. I rubbed my tired eyes. I called his name again, "Timmy!!" No reply. I was suddenly wide awake.

I ran around the house trying to find anything that could show me where the 5 year old child could be. I saved him when this first started. I remember him crying, trying to escape the grasp of his undead mother. I saved this little boy and I promised I'll keep him safe.

Timmy was still no where to be found. I ran outside. On the ground, I noticed a dark blue object and I picked it up. It was his shoe, just chilling in the middle of the road. Tire tracks that weren't there this morning, suddenly there.

I run back into the house. I throw on a huge black sweat shirt and my black combat boots that were originally for men. They were comfortable and I liked the way they looked, even though it didn't matter anymore.

I grabbed two weapons. A gun and a knife. I didn't put ammo in the gun. I knew exactly where Timmy was. The place where we once escaped. Terminus.

It was me, Timmy and my step mother, Catarina. We were in a train compartment after Catarina realized they ate human flesh. Yet here's what they didn't know. Catarina was bitten by the time we reached Terminus. So after the capturing we came up with a plan that worked very well. Catarina finally turned, but so she didn't attack us I held her arms from behind and only pointed her the direction of the door. As soon as a man came in to get us killed and cooked, I threw Catarina at him and she bit his neck. While she devoured her 'meal,' the mans gun hit the floor. I grabbed Timmy, picked up the gun and left. The last thing heard was "were gonna get you for this!!"

I run down the tracks, figuring out how I'm gonna do this. Then I get inspired. Ideas are flowing through my head. I chose the fastest one and roll with it.

Finnaly, I reach Terminus. I lean up against a tree and catch my breath. I hold the unloaded gun in my right hand. The first thing I need to check is the train compartment where I once escaped. I hop the fence and dart towards the compartment. I should have thought this through a little harder. A gun shot goes off and the bullet lands in the ground beside me. I stop in my tracks. "Turn Around!!" A voice calls. I turn and there are 7 guns aimed to me.

"Put the weapon on the ground and get on your knees!" He yelled. I did as told. I still had my knife in my belt loop. It was left unnoticed. "Welcome back, kid." He said, "go to the train compartment now!" I stand up and walk over. I stop. "No." I said. I walked back to where my gun was. "You're going to answer my question, asshole." I say. They lower their guns and a man is standing behind me. I look at the man and give him the death stare as I ask "where is Timmy?!?" Laughter appears and the man grabs my arm. "Let me go!!" I scream. The door is opened I get thrown in and them it's closed and locked.

"I swear to god I will kill you all!!!" I yell, banging on the closed door. I lean against the wall and slide down it. I hold my head in my hands and think of a easy way to escape. I hear slow foot steps and then feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up. It's a woman. "Hi," she began, "I'm Maggie." My eyes widened. I held out my hand, "Mickey." She shook my hand and I noticed more people. "I have a plan." I whispered, revealing my knife.

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