Katerina Westly, the only female werewolf, was bitten by a werewolf after a party. She was forced to leave her family and home in Louisiana and take up residence in Florida as a rogue werewolf. She is constantly on the move. Now on her way to Canada she must cross over a brutal pack's territory. Kat is careful but not enough. Will they kill her? Or will they take her in?

The Werewolf is always on guard and her number one goal is: SURVIVE....

Read RARITY for the ultimate supernatural survival story of a young female werewolf. Odds are against her, but that never stopped the greatest heroes, so why should it stop her?


3. Acceptance

Wyatt sighs and shifts his sea green eyes to meet my ice blue ones. "This way," he says as he turns his back to me and starts walking away. I hurry after him holding the towel to my chest. "Mrs. Carrey has some clothes you can borrow."

"Mkay." I mumble.

He stops at the end of the hall. "This will be your room from now on." Wyatt turns to face me. "The clothes are on the bed." He says. "I'll be out here if you need anything." He leans against the door frame and closes his eyes.

I sigh and open the door. I close it behind me. On the bed like he said are clothes. I drop the towel to the floor and walk to the bed. It has a thick wood frame and a deep blue comforter. I smiled. I glance at the clothes on the foot of the bed. The pants are black tights and the shirt is a loose hot pink tank top. There are white pantie and a bra. The bra seems to be a cup size to small but that doesn't really matter for now, it will just be uncomfortable.

I slip the the underwear on. The panties fit nicely but the bra was slightly small just as I expected. I slip the black tights on. They fit my curves in an appealing way. Then I slip the pink tank top over my head. It was soft, comfortable, and modest. Whoever picked this out has good task.

I turn my head and see a desk with an oval mirror above. The only thing on the desk is a pink brush with a folded peace of lined paper.

I walk over to the desk and pick up the price of paper. Words were hand written on the paper. My eyes widen as I read them.

Dear Katterina,

You confuse me in so many ways. You defy what I thought I knew about my own species. Until this day I thought there was no such thing as a female werewolf. I have given it some thought. You can join the pack as an Alpha if you choose to except. Please except my apology about earlier.

Ps- I hope you like the outfit I picked out for you. My mother so graciously allowed me to loan you her clothes until you get your own.

Yours, Chris.

My lips twitched up in a smile. So he's not so bad after all. Wait, he picked out this outfit! I shook my head. So what if he did? Wait, he wants me in his pack? As an Alpha!?


Please comment, like, and fav! I love to hear what you think. Sorry this chapter is so short I have softball practice tonight. Lol I want to thank people for reading any one if my Movellas. If you like this story you will also love 'Omega?' And 'Alpha's Daughter' the stories are quite different but all the same likable.

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