The Vampire Diaries Crack

Just some The Vampire Diaries Crack. I don't know what it's about really so it's a surprise. Shhh....


1. Caroline P.O.V.

Right I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm just gonna go to the Grill and get a drink. Just a 21 year stuck in a 17 year old body getting drunk. I mean, a drink.

What if they arrest me? What would the town think of me? Would they think I'm a whore?!

Oh my god I almost fell. Jesus, I hope no one saw that. What if they took a video? Would it be all over Youtube? I'm gonna a laughing stock everywhere?!

Right gotta focus gotta focus and now entering the Grill. Is everyone staring at me? Or is it just me? Oh that guy is definitely staring at me, he's like 40. Ugh, goosebumps.

Ooh, he's cute. No. I'm here for a drink because my boyfriend left me for a revenge plan that will quite possibly get him killed and I drove all the way to Mystic Falls because they have good bourbon and I am damn well gonna get that god damn drink.

So close to my drink-

"Caroline, there's a problem."

Gee Stefan, there's always a god damn problem and it always seems to prevent me from getting my drink. "Don't worry Stefan, I'll help!"

Was that too happy? Does he think I'm being sarcastic? What if he doesn't want to be my friend anymore?! Maybe I should apologise. But he's already gone...

"I can buy you a palace."

Oh god, it's the creepy 40 year old guy. Act nice, act nice. Say something dammit.

"Ugh, hi."

Not that.

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