The Fleers

It's the future. There are us and there are them. They rule. We suffer. But a few of us are trapped with them and the only way to escape is to Flee. And there's no guarantee you'll survive that. And after losing him I know I wouldn't. Until another jackass decided to come into my life and motivate me. (Prologue and crap are inside better than it sounds)


1. Chapter 1


They say every great mind becomes corrupt. Every innocent heart becomes a center of evil. All generous becomes selfish. I believe those are all very great and true things, but I'm interested in a different line. They say every great start has a horrific end. So that leads me to wonder: does ever horrific start have a great end. I used to sit up late at night wondering that. Used to. I know now that you never really do know. I know the world is made up of opposites. The rich and the poor. The smart and the stupid. The legends and the ones who tell about those legends. No in between. So I figure there's also the good life's and the bad. And like I said before there's no in between. Well I thought that. And then two people came into my life. One that had been lost by me one that had been found by me.


The Fleers: Chapter 1; Regrouping



      "Wake up Valeerian!" I hear from the speaker built into my bedroom (well attic) wall. I attempt to ignore the rude voice shouting at me and role over but the shout comes again, "get up right now Valeerian or God so help me I will..."

       "I'm coming. Calm down." I shout at my rude...Caretaker, Lina. She's the richest person in the 5th and final town of this new world. It happened not even a decade ago. It happened when I was 8, I'm now 15. The first few days of the Takeover, that's what they call the end of the world, I really wasn't sure what was going on because of my age. I was a pretty shy kid and only had one really close friend, his name was Blake Cope. We meet on a playground at the age of 7. When the Takeover officially started my parents just ran into the forest never to be seen again. They left me. I was alone but now I like to think it was because they thought I had a chance of surviving. I like to think their alive, living in one of the poor regions of the world. I mean being starved and worked is better than giving up a battle, right?

       After they left I stayed in my house until I ran out of food. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on but I knew it wasn't good. I left the house for the first time in a week, and I knew exactly where I was going to go. Blake's. It only took me one night to get there and no one saw me. By this point it was clear this location had been picked as one of the 5 bases of the power-hungry rich.

      There were 2 bases in North America, 1 in Europe, 2 in Asia, and 1 in South America. They do this to make sure that the poor regions aren't doing anything their not suppose to. There is not in between anymore its the poor and the rich.

     On the way to Blake's house I noticed people, rich looking people, moving into houses. But I knew these people weren't regular people. They were organization freaks. They wore dull colors, males in suits and formal hats, females in light dresses with handbags and umbrellas that would tear at the contact of rain.

I got to Blake's house later that night. The very familiar house. Painted a wretched bright green with an unfortunate fast fading dull green roof and accessories. But it's those ugly details that saved our @$$'s. Since these rich people liked dull,organized things that melted together this house had not a single buyer or watcher. I ventured inside to find it empty of all life. I remember holing myself up in a cabinet only to fall asleep.

That next morning I woke with a start. And I guess it was a pretty loud start because I immediately heard footsteps coming toward me. The door if the cabinet was yanked open and I found myself starring into very familiar blue green eyes.

      "Your alive?" he spoke slowly, letting the words sink in.

       "Yea," I said. I didn't know what else there was to say.

It turned out he was living out in his old tree house and that's why he wasn't in the house. His parents had been found when they were exterminating the population. We didn't last long in his backyard. Eventually guards found us. We were running towards his  fence when I tripped. I felt a hand clamp around my ankle and call me a cliché but I yelled, "run! Leave me and save yourself!"

        He hesitated but continued to run. He jumped the fence and that was the last time I saw him.

        They brought me to an adoption center and explained what was and will happen. When they found kids from Before they brought them to the adoption center. They had a month, that's it. After a month in not adopted they were dropped somewhere in a poor region. If they found adults from the Before they were killed in the town square and it was required to attend unless you were on deaths door step.

        They said I was one of the lucky ones because Lina had adopted me in my first week. And the worst part was I actually believed them. What kid wouldn't? They told me the richest person     of this base was adopting me! I was getting a new more loving mother that was able to give me everything! And I believed them. All of them.

       She smacked me. She starved me. She made me a slave.

       I got over that though. She's not as bad now that I've learned to fight a bit and stick up for myself. I've spent years learning her weaknesses and strengths.

      I slowly sit up, stretching. Hearing the popping of my joints. My attic was small and damp and covered in dust. I sleep on a small mattress with one pillow and a small square of fabric I found in all of the stuff she has up here. Which is one of the few perks of living in the attic. I have a mirror that's around half the size of me. Lina has so kindly provided me with 5 outfits, 1 for each school day. I keep them in a cut cubby in the wall.

     I put on my best outfit for the last day of school. A red tank top with holes toward the bottom. Dirty, grimy black skinny jeans that are baggy at the ankle. I throw my brown hair up in a horrendous, messy ponytail and slide of my dirty, worn-down sneakers.

     I avoid looking in my mirror, knowing I look horrendous. I open my broken wooden door to be greeted by a hallway full of junk you'd expect to find in someone's attic. Its not all bad though: every now and then ill find something useful from Before or just something in general. I've found dome hunting gear and a set of 3 small knifes,1 dagger, and 2 long deadly knifes. Also an old blanket I risk using in the cold months.

    After pushing my way through everything I bounded down four flights of gold and marble stair cases. Most of the bottom level was taken up by a huge room used for parties and gatherings.    The rest of the first level is taken up by a kitchen and dinning room.

      I walk into the magnificent circular ballroom. It comes up in a dome and towards the top are painting of angels and stuff like that. Natural sunlight beams in from the gigantic high windows. Trees and benches are pushed up against the side of the room. And a bar, as well, is beside the kitchen door. I make my way over to the two white doors and push them open. The smell greats me before the scenery. Sweet syrup, crispy bacon, hot cakes. The granite counters were filled with food and drinks of all sorts. I wanted so badly to reach out and shove it all in my mouth. But someone always ruins good plans. Lina waddled into the kitchen. Grease smeared lipstick plastered her mouth. She wore a skin colored top that showed off her bloated stomach and shorts with a pale flower on the side seam. Her hair was a mess. I wanted to puke.

       "What are you looking at?" She demanded in a strained voice.

       "Just a pig." I stated bluntly.

       "Why you little..." I interrupted her.

       "I'm not in the mood to listen to your BS toady," I stated, already feed up with her.

       "Listen here girl," she pointed at me. "I'm in charge of you and I don't care what you do or don't want to hear. Ill tell you what I want. Ill call you what I want and you'll sit back and take it." I had to admit she looked really angry.

      "What's wrong with you?" I talked quietly, slowly hoping off of the stool I was on careful to land quietly. "What'd you do know? Who did you drive away?" I rose my voice as I spoke. "Or are you just angry you aren't my damn puppet master anymore!"

       I grabbed my bag and darted out the door. Behind me I heard various words not to be repeated. My early years here is a touchy subject for her because she knew she was using me and she knows I figured it out. She didn't intend for me to figure out until...well, never actually.

I jogged outside. The sky looked like it had a bruise. I felt for it. Lina's mansion sat on a hill over looking the town. Three sides were forest the other a view of the town.

From where I was it looked like a giant neon sign. Former Vegas. I started jogging down the hill at a steady pace. When I entered town I was filled with remorse, like always. From what I remember from Before this town was small and quiet.

Now it's been expanded and the residents are loud and obnoxious to people unlike them. I sighed at least there are a few good souls in this town.

I rounded into a little restaurant.

The owner greeted me like always: a slight nod of the head. I walked to the back of his restaurant. In the back corner I swiftly moved away a loose piece of wall revealing a keyboard. I typed six letters that could save someone like me's life.


the wall opened up and I stepped inside.



Idk if this is any good or not but please let me know

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