The Potter Plot

It's finally Lily's turn to go to Hogwarts, and Lily is sure that she will have the time of her life. But when Lily, Albus, and James learn of a plot on their family, they must learn more. Things get out of hand fast, and soon, Lily's family and friends depend on her to save them. One wrong move, and her friends and family won't live to see another day.


1. Hogwarts!

Lily groaned. It's only ten o'clock? she thought. I wish those lazy brothers of mine would wake up and get ready faster. Lily had gotten up at six o'clock that morning in her excitement to leave for the train station, and then leave on the train to go to Hogwarts. She had gotten done packing three and a half hours ago, and had since been sitting in the family room, glancing at the clock every few minutes, waiting for the time to come to leave, whether it was with or without her brothers.

Just as she thought this, an angry shout coming from upstairs startled her. "JAMES! Where are my robes, and why is my hair bright green!" Lily sighed. It looks like James has pranked Albus again. What else is new.

The reply from James was, "If your robes are missing, then why don't you look for them! Oh, and I might have dyed your hair in the middle of the night, but that color really looks good on you, I thought I was being nice for once!"

"Nice! Since when are you ever nice to me! You meant to make me look silly, and JUST GIVE ME MY ROBES!"

Lily ran upstairs, hoping to be able to get them to stop fighting, as she usually had to do. When she got up there, the scene she saw didn't surprise her. Albus was standing in front of his bedroom door, glaring at James, who was a few feet away in front of his own bedroom door, grinning at his younger brother's annoyance.

"James, just give Al his robes. Al, I'll go get Dad to fix your hair. Stop fighting both of you or we'll be late."

"C'mon, sis, we're not gonna be late, and besides, I was just playing around..." James said.

"Yeah, well now is not the time to 'play around'. Can you ever stop acting so immature?" Lily left at that to find her father, grinning with satisfaction at James' angry look at what she had said. She found her father in the kitchen. As she walked in, he asked "Is everything sorted out, Lil?"

"Not exactly. Albus needs you to fix his hair, and James still hasn't given up Al's robes."

Lily's dad sighed. "I'll go sort it out then. Thanks for trying." And with that, Lily's dad left the room.

* * *

Lily could hardly contain her excitement. I can't believe it, she thought. I am finally going to Hogwarts. Right now, she was sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express with James, Albus, Rose, Hugo, and Alex and Elizabeth Longbottom. Alex was Albus' age-third year- and had brown hair and eyes. Elizabeth, who went by Lisa, had wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and was Lily's age. Rose,Albus, and Alex were deep in conversation, James was writing in a notebook in the corner, and Lily and Lisa were both squealing with excitement about how they were finally going to Hogwarts.

The group's happiness was interrupted by the compartment door opening, and a girl about Lily's age with long, brown hair and hazel eyes ran in, looking scared. "Hide me!" She whispered. Lily took quick action. She pulled the Invisibility Cloak out of her bag and threw it over the girl. Lily smiled, remembering the day she had nicked it from under her dad's bed. Her dad had always told them stories about his time at Hogwarts, and Lily had gone looking for the cloak one day. She had found it, and hidden it in her room to bring to Hogwarts. She had taken it, knowing that she could get James to stop pranking her and Albus if she gave him the cloak. Now, James gave her a pleading look mixed with admiration. Just then, the compartment door opened again, and a third year boy with platinum blonde hair demanded, "Where's my sister?"

Realization slapped Lily in the face. Of course, she thought. The girl who came in here was Scorpius' little sister, Celeste. But why is she hiding from him?

Deciding to let Celeste hide from Scorpius, Lily responded, "How should we know, isn't she your sister?"

Anger flooded across Scorpius' face. "Yes," he responded, "but she escaped me, and I can't find her. She has to be in here, this is the only compartment I haven't checked."

"Escaped? Well anyway, no one has intruded in on our compartment except for you, so she probably moved to a compartment you've already checked."

Frustration mixed with the anger on Scorpius' face as he left the compartment. Celeste unveiled herself once more, and then James blurted out, "How and where did you find that cloak, Lil?"

Lily smiled. "Later, James. I don't want you bothering me about it for the rest of the trip."

James' mouth opened and closed in annoyance, but he gave it a rest, and went back to writing in his notebook. Rose, Albus, and Alex went back into conversation. Lily laid her head back on the seat, and said, "I'm awful tired, Lisa, wake me up when we get there." At that, Lily fell asleep.

* * *

It seemed like minutes that Lily had been asleep when Lisa was shaking her awake. "Lily...Lily...c'mon, wake up, we're here."

Lily jerked awake. Good thing I already have my robes on, Lily thought. The two friends were the last out of the compartment, and slowly they made it off the train. The cry of "Firs' years! Over here!" rang above all the excited chatter of the students, and Lily and Lisa struggled to find the source of the voice, eventually finding it to be a very tall, wide man with long, scraggly gray hair. "Hello, Hagrid," Lily greeted him.

"Hello, Miss Lily. C'mon, this way, firs' years, this way!"

The first years all followed him to the lake, where they all got into groups and boarded small boats that were floating on the water. As soon as everybody was in a boat, the boats moved slowly across the lake as if pulled by an invisible rope. Lily was perfectly relaxed, while Lisa looked like she was going to be sick.

When they reached the edge of the lake, the first years got out of their boats and walked until they reached a pair of big, wooden doors. One door opened, and Professor Longbottom, Lisa and Alex's dad, let them in. He started by giving an introduction and set of rules, but Lily wasn't listening. She already knew the rules, and was anxious to get inside the Great Hall and be Sorted. When Professor Longbottom finished, he led them into the Great Hall, where the rest of the students were seated at four very long tables which Lily assumed were the House tables. As Professor Longbottom read off the names in alphabetical order, Lily waited anxiously for her turn. Finally, the name "Potter, Lily" was called out and Lily walked slowly to the three-legged stool upon which the Sorting Hat was perched. As soon as she put it on, the brim slipping over her eyes, the hat began to speak.

"Difficult, difficult. Let's see. Slytherin, you're to good-hearted. Ravenclaw? Yes, there is a little intelligence there, but not enough. Hufflepuff? You are loyal...but what I see most is bravery, yes how about GRYFFINDOR!

Grinning, Lily nearly ran to the Gryffindor table to sit next to Lisa. They both patiently waited as more names were called off and sorted into the different Houses. When the last of them was Sorted- Zonker, Hestia into Hufflepuff- a woman with gray hair pulled back in a tight bun got up and spoke.

"Good evening present students of Hogwarts, and welcome new first years. I know you are all hungry from the trip, so eat away."

As soon as she finished saying this, food of all sorts appeared on the table. James, Albus, and Alex went for everything they could get their hands on, while Lisa and Rose took only a few things. Lily didn't eat at all, she was so excited she might throw up any food she ate.

Eventually, all the food and dishes vanished from the tables, and the room got quiet once more, as the woman stood up to speak again.

"Good evening. For those of you who don't know, my name is Professor McGonagall. I am the current headmistress of Hogwarts....

At this point, Lily tuned out, she already knew the rules, and, right now, she was concentrating on keeping herself awake. When Professor McGonagall finished, the older students got up and left right away, while the first years followed their prefects to their common rooms and dormitories.

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