Our Demons Will Rerise

This is a poem I wrote about today. Today is not only friday the 13th, it's also full moon. This rare occasion will first happen again in 2049.


1. Our Demons Will Rerise

Friday the 13th

a day to remember

for only this year, the moon

shines brighter than ever


The full moon awakes

gives us a warning

that on this cursed day

our demons will be swarming


Our inner voices

are calling our names

they want us to sin

they lead us towards the flames


We will break

we will fall down

there’s nothing such as savior

we’ll either burn or drown


But whilst we bathe

in our misery

we look up at the sky

and celebrate our victory


Though we faint

scream, or cry

we’re still here today

the thought of death keeps us alive

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