Does He Know?


1. meeting 'them'

Does he know ?

Rachel's pov

I'm getting sick of all the abusing and screaming, I'm about to leave this he** house ! I hate it here ! I can't stand not having my mom but having her dick weed husband, ever since my mom died he's abused and cussed at me like it was me who killed her. Well next time he gets cought off guard I'm leaving !! (like 2 hours later) some one ring the door bell 'ILL GET IT!' I hear a loud voice scream. I run upstairs to my room as fast as I can and my clothes was already packed so I grabbed them and jumped out the window I try my hardest not to fall, considering my house is a 2 story, and I slip, I fall and I land on my ankle. I hear him saying' he'll be back he's doing something ..' I run as fast as I can !! I have to take a break, I'm almost out of breath, I run into a park, Dave don't like parks so I highly doubt he'll look here. I see charmingly handsome or should I say hot 5 boys walking, and I hear their wonderful British accent but the blonde the really hot one has an Irish accent !! I really hope one day I get to talk to them because they look like that one band that everyone says they're gay.. I don't think they are they look perfectly strait to me. I actually really want to talk to them to see how they are. They actually look like they're walking towards me!! I hope they do but I'm nervous.. What if I start biting my lip? Oh my god, what if they start talking to me? What will I say? What will I do? What would my reaction be? Oh my gosh all these things start going through my head then I see the 5 boys come up to me and ask if the other seats was reserved. I said 'no they're open' I said with a blushing face. I wonder what they will think of me, they probably think I'm ugly!!

Liam's pov.

This girl is.. Just.. WOW !!! She's amazing!! I wonder what she thinks of me I'm glad I got the seat next to her. And then you have flirty Niall over there.. I swear why does he get all the girls ?!

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