I Want To Go Home

A young girl named Sara is trapped in a dark hotel. Will she find her way out?


1. Waking Up

The cold air rushed against my skin as my mother screams, " Sara wake up your going to be late for school! ". As I roll out of bed, I feel a slight pain in my left shoulder. A pain I have never ever felt before. As I touch my shoulder, and look at my hand, I see blood trickle down my hand. I scream, " Mom, Mom, I am bleeding! ". She came running up the stairs. And as she opened my door, something, or someone, slammed the door shut. It seemed as though it was invisible. I was scared, and my mom was banging on the door screaming to let me in. " I cant, Mother, I cant ". And I felt my body go to sleep. Or so I thought.

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