Our daughter

My parents are the Niall and camron Horan!! What an expactaculare thing I'm the pruduction of a famouse couple so that makes me popular and I don't have real friends just fakes


1. my life

Nia's pov

Lol mom I am not living on a bus with my 4 uncles and brother and aunt Cassie and my cousins that's gross but did we get my new skinny jeans and biker jacket HAHAHAHA mom I need a new life I need friends currently I have zero but like over 22,00000,5678,98776,00 followers on um what every site. Heck lol we need food lots and lots of food I'm hungry as a moose or a cow lol. And people only like me cuz my dad is the Niall Horan from ONE DIRECTION big whoop lol it's not that big of a deal and to top it off all they do is want to come over I mean shut up it's my dad why do u like him so much he's not Evan that cute and my mom and grandpa Ashton are no big deal either but hey everyone loves them to death as I can tell no one loves me I have no bf no best friend either I'm just a a a loner mom can I go se grandpa? I have a question I said umm yea I started walking when 2 boys stopped me hi I'm jack one said he I'm Finn said the other umm are u to twins and u are hott ops did I say that out loud? Umm yea said Finn but ur cute to really cute do u wanna go on a date with me love? OMG umm yea shure were at ? I said umm skate park said Finn yea I'd love to .

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