A Forbidden love

I'm in love with a boy and i can't be with him cause of who my brother is and the fact that my brother and the boy who i love are in different bands and both bands hate each other so what am i supposed to do do i follow my heart or my head


36. a fight

*Riley's P.O.V*

"Niall lets just stay on the bus i mean we already got alot of food"

"okay babe so you wanna watch a movie"


then we kissed and Niall put in a movie and we were completely unaware of what was going on in the store


Carrie's P.O.V

Liam came up to me and Louis and then he pulled me out of Louis arms and then he started pushing Louis and then he said

"you just don't know when to quit do you Louis when are you gonna learn to stay away from other people's girlfriends"

then he punched Louis and the fight was soon broken up by Harry and then Louis walked out of the store and back onto the bus, and then he said

"i don't want you around Louis anymore it's obvious that he really likes you so starting tomorrow since it's late and were all tired your gonna be on mine and your brother's bus"

then he kissed me and then we all got back on our buses and we started on the road again, and as soon as we were moving i went to the back of the bus where Louis was and i said

"i am so sorry about that Louis"

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