Tommy Tomlinson

Why me? Why? Louis just had to go and get me pregnant! On top of all of this crap, I decided to leave. I've always been one to run from my problems. Only Liam knows where I went and why. And I would like to keep it that way, thank you very much. A few years later I have a beautiful baby boy. Well he isn't really a baby anymore. He's my little boy, that sounds good. Tommy Tomlinson. That's right, TOMLINSON.


5. Chapter 5

Louis' POV

She didn't let me finish. I was going to say that I want to be in her life, but what about my band? And what would management say? You know what, I don't care what they would say. I love her, and I am going to fight for her, no matter what it takes. I look around and see and elevator. I need to beat her upstairs so I can talk to her. I quickly get to it and see Tommy talking to Harry. I go up to Harry and take Tommy, sitting down and setting him on my lap. I see Emily cross the corner with red cheeks. She has been crying, I know it. She instantly looks at me and Tommy, pain clear in her eyes. 


Emily's POV

I continuously wipe under my eyes to try and dry the tears, but they keep coming. I quickly check behind me, seeing if Louis is following me, trying to get me to come back to him. Some part of me wishes he was, coming to me with open arms. Another part wishes he would just leave me alone, get  out of my life. I can't tell which one I want more. I need to leave, I need to go back to my apartment to think about everything.

I quickly go upstairs with my head down and go to grab Tommy. I look up for a minute to see Tommy talking with the 5 boys of One Direction, wait. 5? How did Louis... oh right, we have an elevator. I look closer to see that Tommy is sitting on Louis' lap. You don't think Louis would tell Tommy. Would he? Or worse, Tommy asks him who his dad is.

I begin to walk towards them, and reach for Tommy, who I see is fast asleep, holding onto Louis like it's his job. I've seen this before, there is no chance he is letting go without his stuffed animal that Louis gave to me on our 2 year anniversary. And it's at home. That means that Louis needs to come home with me. Why me! Why do I have everything bad happen to me! I cut Louis off before he can speak. 

"Louis, I know that you don't want to have anything to do with him, or us, but he is NOT going to let go, unless he has... his... certain... stuffed animal. So, you may need to come to my flat to get him off. If not that works too. I can just grab him, but that might take a while." I see his eyes light up. 


"I can go with you, it will be easier." He seems excited. I thought he hated me. He stands up to follow me to my car. This is going to be a long night...


{Hey Guys! I'm sooo sorry I haven't updated! Last week I was on vacation for my brothers wedding! I will still update on Thursdays, I just couldn't last week! Comment if I should update! Byyyyyyyye!}

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