Dear Natalia

A little way to say sorry but it's not workin out


1. I'm sorry


Dear Natalia,


You have the right to know the truth well here it is. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to hurt you by telling you this and also I don’t want you to hate me.

So you say “Isha is being possessive” over me, yes, that is correct. Isha can be a bit clingy at times but at least I know I’m wanted around. I’m not saying that you don’t like having me around, what I’m saying is that when you make new friends, like Roveena and Tola, I feel left out. It seems you don’t want me to be there so I just move away. That has happened so many times I feel like we don’t know each other anymore. When you ‘pushed me away’ I went with Isha. I was lonely but she took me ‘under her wing’ in a way. Now we’re really close and I feel that we have that understanding that every friendship needs; that understanding we didn’t have.

Also when I said that you were pushing me away it doesn’t mean you were doing it intentionally or knowingly, but it still happened.  And I also said we didn’t have that understanding, we used to before but when we grew apart things changed; to both you AND me.

People tell me that I’m good at judging people’s character like I did with Ashanti and Harpreet and I even thought that the friendship with Tola wouldn’t last. I'm not saying Tola is a bad person; all I’m just saying is that you and Tola don’t have much in common much like you and me.

Finally I would like to say, if I am 100% truthful and correct me if am wrong, but let’s be honest it seems as though you only come to me when you try to make new friends but it doesn’t end well. I feel like you only come to me when you need something, like a shoulder to cry on or someone to support you and fix you when you’re broken. That’s all fine but I’d have liked you to be a friend to me whilst being friends with the others. You can still have other friends, I can’t decide who you should be friends with, that’s your decision so please don’t tell me not to be friends with Isha or not to be as close to her as I am.

 Don’t hate on Isha or Fatima or anyone to be honest and please try not to be so hard on me either. I’d still like to be friends with you just not as close as we were before...

PS. I know this letter is very long, and I’m’ sorry for that and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Thank You,


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