Moderately Attractive

It's completely normal to think your teacher is attractive. If you're not obsessed.

A little piece for my friend Regina Filagree because she's awesome and gave me the idea for this.


1. Watching from afar

"Amelia, could you please go and write the answer on the board." asked Mr Mac, his clear voice cutting into my daydream.

"What was the question, sir?" I inquire politely, trying not to stare into his chocolate eyes. They are really deep. He repeats it with an amused smile as I stumble a little while walking towards the board, my slight heels clacking against the floor. Pulling down my skirt, I pick up a pen and write the answer as neatly as possible. Standing awkwardly, I glance back to him for approval. 

"Excellent Amelia. You can sit down now." he praises. My face flushes from this and I walk on in a daze. When I get to my chair, I sit down. Or I try to. The area where my chair once was is now occupied by some smug thin air and me, sitting on the floor.

"Matt!" Mr Mac reprimands, " That was a terrible thing to do." (I later found out that Matt had pulled the chair out from beneath me. Idiot.). He reaches out a hand to help me up and my cheeks turn bright pink as we touch. When I'm seated he informs us that the lesson is over. I pack up my stuff slowly, dreaming away. As I come back to reality I find I'm one of the only ones left in the classroom. Embarassed, I  call out a quick

"Bye, sir" and run out as he chuckles softley. 

Breathing deeply I realise a piece of wisdom I should have known years ago; it ain't easy finding a teacher moderately attractive.

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