Long Hot Summer

Wens has just moved to a small tourist town, Chelan, not knowing what what to expect. But when she finds a necklace she finds friends, and more like her.


1. What is This!

"Wen, wanna come to the beach?" My mum asked as she walked in, "Um, nah I don't think so.." I responded. "Come on, I know you miss Hawaii, but this is our new home." "Ok, sure I'll go!"

When we got to the beach I saw two people about my age, it's my chance to make friends! "Hi I'm Wen I moved here from Hawaii!" I told them, "I'm Maggie." "And I'm CJ" They said. "Are you twins?" I asked them, "No, were boyfriend and girlfriend." Maggie told me, "I hope to see you two when school starts up, bye!" I yelled as I walked over to a necklace I found, it was a message in a bottle necklace. "Hmm, I wonder what this is?"


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