The Story Of Krystaliah

Imagine being ripped away from your parents because you're special and hidden away for years. Krystaliah was just a normal girl on the planet of Nervania until she was discovered. Fear caused the council to make a hard decision. She will be hidden on earth with the other Nervanian children until she is safe from the evil clutches of an ancient villan who, generations back, had sworn to kill all the specials. However, she needs a protector; but nobody wanted to risk dying. Will she be safe or will she be killed? Will she ever find her protector in time?


1. Margaret

Shadows, heavy breaths, and running as the trees seemed to darken that day, except it was night, but who could tell when there was still a little light?

Margaret's log cabin on the outskirts of the massive city of Nervania was in flames. She stumbled over a root and dropped her finished diary. She wanted to cry, but her lungs wouldn't allow her because they were to busy trying to regain air.

Was she running from herself? Because she was the reason why her parents and siblings had to die.

Her two nieces cowered behind her, crying. She tried to carry them both but they were heavy so she put them on her back. She couldn't move, her leg was stuck to the root. She turned to her neices, and with a few tears that finally rolled down her cheeks, she told them to run.

Naturally, they didn't want to leave by themselves without her, but she knew that if they didn't part now, Persephoni and Sylvia would be killed.

She gave Persephoni her diary and shooed them away.

She watched their little feet walk away, and as if on cue, she turned around to meet her fate.

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