My direction

Ryan Carter was my life. So what happen when I left him?

Well I was lost, of course.

Then I found myself.

Well pieces of me. The truth is he had a huge part of me.

And always would.

So when all of sudden he walks into my life, once again.

I don't know what to do.

Should I give him another chance? Or should I just leave him alone?

Ps you should read Two directions.
Then Ryan's directions before this.

Book 3


5. A Deal

Allison stood behind, seeing us naked on her living room floor.

Ryan's eyes hardened at her, once again. He really did not like her.

"I uh-" My cheeks were red.

"She's mine. I'm allowed to make love to her." Ryan answered for me.

My cheeks went even redder.

I hid my face in Ryan's bare chest. Then I looked up at him, making the world go away.

"I love you, Ryan Carter." I stroked his face forgetting about Allison.

His eyes melted once again. "I love you, My ocean eyes."

I giggled at his name for me.

Allison spoke up. "Get out! You Greek god."

We ignored her.

Until we got sprayed. I cuddled deeper into Ryan.

We got sprayed until Ryan stood up with me still attached to his body.

Allison spoke once again. "We need to make a deal. I love her. I want my best friend here with me."

Ryan glared at her. Through gritted teeth he spoke.

"I suppose we can make a...Deal."

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