Hate (one shot)

hate, fluff, giggles, crying and stupid cat jokes.


1. Only chapter (one shot)

We were all just kind of sitting there, Paul let us get our laptops and phones and tweet stuff and so we were all sitting there, I was on my laptop, Liam was on his phone, Harry was on his laptop, Niall was on his laptop and Zayn was on his iPad. It was normal for us to have a little time to post stuff on twitter, talk to our family and friends online and just relax. I was currently typing a response to my mum about how I am, and everything was normal. I rubbed the heels of my hands over my eyes and I fixed my beanie on my head and as I was fixing my hair I looked up from my laptop at the boys and Zayn was using a stylus to draw something on the iPad, biting his lip slightly, Harry was looking down at his laptop, Liam was scrolling through something on his phone, and I looked over at Niall last and his face was starting to get red and it looked like he was crying. His eyes were watering up and his eyebrows were scrunched together. "Ni, are you okay? What's up?" I asked, moving my laptop off my lap to go and sit next to him. All the other boys looked up too and Liam was closest to him so he locked his iPhone and scooted next to Niall, Harry grabbed tissues and brought them to Niall and Zayn scooted closer to Nialls left. "Just... Like why do people hate me? Am I that bad?" He asks. We all hang our heads and Harry exhales a sigh of disappointment. Liam grabs his laptop and begins to scroll through Niall's twitter. "Ni, you know none of those things are true." Liam says, shaking his head. Niall has had this happen before, and he's probably the most sensitive out of all of us. "But what if they are? You guys have to say nice stuff to me cause you're me friends. They... They can say that stuff cause I'm not anything to them." He says, choking on more tears. "Nah mate I don't have to say nice stuff, I honestly think you're bloody mad sometimes" I say, and he chuckles a little "but I still love ya, and I say this nice stuff cause I know it's true." I finish."Mate he's right, we say it cause it's true, we could never find another Niall. Never would want to either yeah? We love you" Zayn says, and grabs Niall's chin and makes him look him right in the eyes. "They wouldn't even know because the only time they see you for real is at the concerts, they can't go off of what the magazines and websites say because half that shit is lies. That's great that they hear it, but they shouldn't tweet or shit if they can't verify any of the stuff you do. Now we, we spend time with you, your family spends time with you, we know the real Niall, not the media's portrayal." Harry says. "Just ignore what they say mate, clearly they can't see a great bloke in you, Who knows why but we can see them and that's what matters." Liam says. Harry grabs his phone out and scrolls through his pictures, and lands his thumb on a quote. "See this Ni, it says 'be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.' and like I know it's a Dr. Seuss quote and all" Niall chuckles at that "but the point is, the people who don't like you don't matter, the ones that love you matter, their opinions matter." Harry says. "As childish as that might sound the kid has a point" I add. Niall doesn't seem satisfied with our encouragement though. "What can I do to make you happy?" I ask him. "Yeah what can we do?" Liam adds. Niall thinks. A little smile pulls at his lips, and he says "Louis I like your laugh...Harry tell one of your stupid jokes or make a pun" he says. "Ok. So what do you get when you put a cat in a refrigerator?" Harry asks, moving his hands as he talks. "A cat joke, I should have known. "I don't know Harry, what do you get when you put a Cat in a refrigerator?" I ask, voice dripping with sarcasm. "The coolest cat in town!" Harry says, and as if it was on cue, I laugh and it's genuine, not a forced laugh because Niall wants me to, but because i love Harry and his stupid cat jokes and I dont want to disappoint him by not laughing at one of his jokes. Niall smiles and that seems to brighten his mood, and then he points to Liam and says "I like it when you smile and your eyes crinkle on the sides" he says, pointing at the places where Liam's eyes crinkle when he smiles. "Liam think of summat that with make you smile" Harry says. Liam stares at nothing in particular, and he smiles, but his eyes don't crinkle. "No it didn't work try again" Niall says, still holding hope. "Ok ok" Liam says, and tries again. He smiles, again, but still no crinkles. "I think I can fix this" Zayn says, and gets up off his seat next to me and walks over to the other couch where Liam is, and grabs his face and gives him a kiss, it's only a few seconds, but when he pulls away Liam is smiling, crinkles and all. Niall's smile is so wide, teeth and all. "You guys, thank you. I feel a lot better now. I'll try and not let those people get to me anymore." He says, still smiling. "There's a lad" I say, and we leave it at that. 


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