The girl and the dog

This is about me Collet and my dog Lou-Lou, wanting to win this competition. A competition we loose at every year.��


1. the nerves

I sit outside on the decking step,she follows with her golf ball in her mouth rolling it around on my lap. She sits beside me and starts wagging her tail like there's no tomorrow. I get up to go and have a walk about she follows without fail, pacing up and down the garden in utter nerves I turn to look at her and said. " well I guess we gotta do this. The day we have been waiting for in ages" her head turns to the side with an eat pricked up. I love it when she does that. So I put her lead on, a beautiful red leather lead with matching collar, and we stride out of the out heads held high. I was shaking and so was loo-loo, I could tell she was nervous too. I looked down at her before she jumped into the car and said "good girl we can do this" as I said that she jumped up into the boot and curled up in a little ball in her little spot. My dad closed up the car boot as I clambered into the car, shutting the door with a thud. Holding my sweaty hands in my lap i turn to look at my dad but he ignores me, I turn back and concentrated on the roads ahead.

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