We Meet Again

I was in high school when I first met and encountered you, we never talked or have had any other contact rather than me watching you from a far hoping to see you every single day, but turns out that I only see you and walk passed by you every Friday, in the science block of our school.
But now we met again, as an acquaintance who had became friends to very close friend then to become a lover...
Lulu Avery met her first saw him when she was in year 10 and by the time she realises that she likes him, Nathan Pierre, he was already leaving school for college as he was already in year 11, will the two ever meet again the second time?


2. Sweet Shopping Day


Licking my Lollipop while watching some movie that I don't even know if it's classified as funny or just pure nonsense... Or probably me not understanding what the humour is. I was leaning my back to Nate's side shoulder while he reads some business book that was on his hand. I giggled for some reason, it's not even that funny on what I am watching. 

He turned his head to see what I am giggling at and tilted his head because there was really nothing on the movie to be laughed at. "Sorry..." I mumbled on my lollipop while smiling with a face of 'sorry'. I drifted away from the sight of the television and turned my head to his direction also shifting my whole body. "Can we go out today?" I asked and he was staring at me blankly, "I'll take that as, no, then" I turned back to the television and leaned on his side shoulder and watch quietly... 

My phone vibrated, I picked it up from the coffee table and entered my pass-code 6-2-8-4-2-6, and you’ll get what I mean when you memorized every keyboard of phones. It was a message from a friend... asking me to go out and shop with her. I pulled out my lollipop and let it hanging on my hand while I tap letters on the other. Suddenly the lollipop I owned was gone... "Hey, that was mine..." I glared at Nathan and he just continued reading like nothing happened. 

I just sighed it out, I am not a little child who would fret if there food got stolen... But I was upset, I like that flavour. I stood up from the sofa and went to our shared room in his Pad. I knew he was watching me but he just declined me when I offered to go out and so I'll just accept my friend's invitation whom is tagging his boyfriend to carry the bags out and stuff for her shopping.

I changed to a summer clothes since its way too hot to wear other things. I wore a sleeveless shirt that reveals a few sight of my waist and wore a denim short. For the pair of shoes, I wore a simple, sparkly, stilettos. I finished securing the straps of my shoes I grabbed a pouch bag and put my wallets and some other necessities inside and went out from our bedroom. "I am going out..." I said and he turned his head and had a disapproval look on his face, he knew I don't usually wear this kind of stuff when I go somewhere alone or what not, and generally wore a not-so revealing dress.

"What? It's hot outside, Nate..." I pouted and he stood up and went to our bedroom, I knew when he had that look that I should wait for his approval than going out with him getting so furious. Few minutes later he went out with his usual clothes, a sleeveless light blue vest with white collared shirt and a simple 3/4 light brown trousers and his shoes. I gave him a 'question-mark' look and knotted my eyebrow. 

"I thought you're not going out today?" I asked him but he just stayed silent. I smiled at him and mouthed a small 'thank you' and approached him giving him peck on his cheeks. With that his frown and unpleasant face have vanished changed with a little smile. I stick out my hands and he took it. Locking the Pad, we went to my friend and I's meeting place.  

His hands were around my shoulders and him whispering something funny and stuff which makes me laugh so hard while walking towards the meeting place. "Hey, stop it, I was not like that..." I slapped his chest playfully and giggled. 

"Oooh... The sweet lovebirds are together..." She winked at me and I made a face which she knew that it was joke when I show a bitter face to her. I went out of the embrace on Nate's arms and approached Ainsley, leaving Nathan and Laurie, Ainsley's boyfriend, behind together. Ainsley and I both knew each other from High school... I scooped her arms and pulled her closer and whispered something making her giggle.

"Really..." She laughed this time when I continued telling something that happened earlier, when Nathan doesn't want to go outside and when I wore something that isn't really much to his liking... Not that he doesn't like me wearing those revealing stuffs it's just when I just go alone... Right did I mention that? Sorry... "Ah... So where should we shop?" I asked, I love shopping!!! That's why I am trying to work... (Trying) to work... Sigh. Nate doesn't want me working, for goodness sake I am already 22 and only working part-time job when I passed my double majors in French Language and Literature and Arts and now taking my Masters in both subjects...

"So... He still you know, what..." She asked and I nodded and looked back to have a glimpse of him. "Yeah... But I'll try to persuade him about that..." I nodded to her and she suddenly dragged me somewhere... I don't know where but probably she's onto something. Sigh. "Hey..." I breathe heavily, what was that about..." I asked her "Of course, we separate here and let them find us and we probably... Most likely maybe and another probable is not to meet later..." She said. "So, what's the point of me going here then?" I questioned her and she just winked at me. "Gee, now I must say thank, don't I?"

She just laughed then waved goodbye, I let another big sigh out and suddenly someone held my wrist. I gasped and turn back ... "Phew..." I placed a hand on my chest and had the looked of being relieved. "It's you..." I stated the obvious "Why did you run off to? Where's Ainsley?" He asked "where's Laurie?" I threw back a question "Oh, he got a phone call... From Ainsley..." He sighed "I... Lost her?" I lied... Just for today. He just eyed me and sighed. He probably knew...

"Fine... I didn't lose her, okay..." I grumbled to him and he just laughed at me and patted my head "Sometimes you're just too honest..." He put his arms around my shoulder and we went to stroll the mall instead. "I am going to shop around, okay? You can go home or go somewhere else if you like..." I offered him some choices because when I shop I take a lot of time and take a lot of shopping bags... I don't want him to go with me unwillingly so better ask him, as well.

"Hmm... It's late so I'll probably stick to you... You know that I know how that sense of yours works..." He tilted his head smirking. I sulked when he mentioned that... true my sense of direction and crossing the road aren't that great but does he have to mention that? "Why do you always mention the things I can't do easily..." I asked him "Because I get to see that sulking face of yours" Playing his tricks again.

"Come on then, you don't want the shops closing do you?" He reminded me of there's a closing time for the mall and the shops. Oh... I haven't mention where we are yet, yes? We're currently in Harrods strolling around... "Okay... Uh... I'll check the latest dresses... just there... You can always stay behind here" I pointed at the Prada Store "Why do you always sound like you want me to go or at least away from you?" He suddenly popped up that question... "Hmm... It's not that I hate you or something but I am afraid you'll get bored strolling and buying things with me..." I answered honestly... "..." He was silent "See..." I sighed when he suddenly took my hand and walk towards the shop I was pointing to. "Go... I know you love shopping and I will not get bored with you" He assured.

"Then will you also help me choose few dresses and accessories that will fit me?" I smiled and he just nodded. "How about this?" I grabbed a Prada Knee-Length two-tone patterned dress which I can guess a Virgin Wool that is made from and another Prada Short-Dress this time but also a two toned patterned with slim black belt on waist. "Why not impress me and try it on" He suggested. I did what he had asked, went to the changing room and wore the Knee-length dress and went out. "How's this?" I twirled around and he gave a nod which meant that he liked it. I went to change to the other one and did what I did earlier show it to him and which he also nodded too.

I changed back to my clothes and went back to him... "I think this is what I am buying for today..." I told him and we went to the till and as I was about to open my bag to get my wallet he took his wallet out and got his 'card' and paid for it. "That will be £1367, Sir" he just entered his pass-code and I was just staring at him on why was he paying for my things. The lady packed the dress and handed it to 'me' supposedly but Nate carried it for me as well.

When we went out the shop I scolded him "Hey... why did you do that?" I raised my brow, I know I should be thankful but I want to pay it for myself. He just leaned a kiss and held hands together, we walked to go home because it's just a walking distance from his Pad to the malls around London. I felt a chill since it's already late, since its summer it's hot in the morning to afternoon but that doesn't meant it doesn't change at the evening. I felt something around my shoulder and I realized it was his vest, I looked at him "Aren't you cold?" I asked he shook his head. "You need it more than I do" he replied.

When we got home he put the bag in the couch and sat down whilst I go to the bedroom and change. "What do you want for dinner?" I asked him from our bedroom while tying my hair up and putting the slippers on. "Anything..." He just mumbled probably tired... I went at the back of the sofa on where his head was lying and gave him a small peck and whispered a 'thank you' which always makes him smile.

"But... Next time I will never ever tag you in my Shopping day..." I turned my back and went to the kitchen which I can hear him laughing.



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