Thistlewick Once Upon a Dream

Now that Maleficent has become the fairy God mother of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, she has a ball of sunshine of her own. Her name is Thistlewick , and she is the moor's most darling fairy. Thistlewick has an eventful time exploring the globe with her two friends Odette and Eveline and finding true love with soon to be known Peter Pan . She will learn of the world around her and the possible existence of true love.


2. Thistlewick

Now Queen Aurora, she had ridden on the back of Diaval who took on the form of a Phoenix. She was led to the fairy hut of her Fairy Godmother ; Maleficent. She was quite entranced with the splendor of the fairies wings as they emitted their dazzling and glimmering wings.

It had been two years since her evil father ; king Stephen had fallen to the blind greed that drove him to madness.

Since then she and prince Philip had been ruling the human kingdom her father had left behind. Even though she had been coronated unto the realm of the fairies , it was her blood and lineage that tied her to the humans. But, in the same token it was her soul and fate that held her to the fairies.

Now here she was , the fairy God sister if the first baby fairy she had beheld. She had gotten off the back of Diaval in time to her the babbling of the newborn fairy. She thought the baby looked like her hair was dipped in strawberries with a tinted glow . She then looked unto her fairy God mother; Maleficent who held the smiling babe.

Then were uttered the words : " Her name is Thistle wick, Hermia Lysandria." And there, the babe was given her name.

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