You made my okay an always

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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All of you reading this have probably seen fault in our stars but would I be great to read a fault in our stars 2 for all of you Tfios lovers this is the book for you


1. Stay with me

Everyday those words crossed my mind "stay with me" that's all I needed if only he could have stayed with me I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be listening to another physiatrist day after day.i always wanted someone in my life that made everything okay that made me feel like I mattered and he was that person Gus waters was that person and now he was gone forever. I couldn't stop thinking of him.everyday and every night he was in my mother thought I needed help so she sent me to a physiatrist who talked about moving on from your lose and how it can be hard but you still have to try.but all I could think of was how stupid that sounded letting go of someone you loved I can't let go  and I certainly can't forget him he was my everything.that night I couldn't sleep so I turned on my phone and started to cry when I saw his picture in my mother walked in and I quickly lay down before she saw me crying.when she first looked at me I saw sympathy but then it turned to to tears in her eyes and se sat next to me I looked up with tears in my eyes.after she talked to me telling me everything was gonna be alright and that everything would resolve at one point.then he headed back towards the door and walked out .as I looked over back at my phone the picture of him was still there I shut it slowly and attempted to go to sleep.that night I had a dream a dream that Gus and me where talking and laughing in the park that we used to always go to the one made out of a skeleton I always thought it was so immature of us to pick such a silly spot but it wasn't about the park it was about him he would wrapped his arms around me while we say in one of the skeletons legs and he kissed the top of my head softly sending a rush through my body.i loved him I really did.but before I could dream more I opened my eyes to the tiny painted bedroom with stars above the ceiling my body filled with sadness when I remembered where I was.

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