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  • Published: 11 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 27 Aug 2014
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A story about the fairy of music starting when she was little. It tells the story of her life and the many trials she has overcome that has made her who she is.
( In case any of you are wondering I have worked on a squeal and I'm not sure if I'm going to continue it or not.) I'm changing how some things were written and I don't know how long it is going to take, but if one page looks different than another or something that's why.


1. The Day After

The sky was burning brightly that morning, the day after it happened. Musa was still lying curled up in bed. She was only five after all when you're this old you don't expect anything like this to happen and her father clearly didn't either. Ho-boe was sitting in his room looking at the picture of Musa, her mother, and him the day Musa was born and slowly began to cry. Yesterday, had been the day Musa's mother had died.

Musa got up and walked down the large staircase in her grand castle in Melody. Normally she could her beautiful piano music coming from their living room, but today there was nothing except the sound of her foot steps. She turned and walked to her mother and father's room. She still was trying to decide if she should just consider it just her dad's, but she shuddered at the idea.

She stood in the doorway and saw Ho-Boe slumped over a picture tears streaming down his face. She went to the bed and clumsily pulled herself on top of it and sat next to her dad. “ Are you okay,” she asked as she looked over at him.

“Yes honey, but I'm still sad about your mother.”

“ I am too.”

She then started to frown and tears started to grow in her eyes. Her father pulled her into his lap. They sat there holding each other crying, not saying a word.

Later that morning, Ho-Boe went into the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast. Musa was watching him and listening to the popping and crackling sound coming from the cooking food. They both went into the dining room. The table was long and could seat at least twenty people if not more. It was a darker shade of wood. The room was painted red with a fireplace on one side and very tall and wide windows on the other. Musa sat gazing out the window when suddenly she was brought back to reality.

“ So, next year I'm thinking about putting you in private school. Would you like that? you would get to make new friends,” Ho-Boe said as he sat his fork down on the table.

“ Yeah, it'd be fun.”

“ Okay, princess.”

Her father went back to eating and she started looking out the window and thinking some more. She never really has been around kids her age because her mother taught her at home. The only other person almost close to her age that she likes talking to is her brother. He's almost seven years older than her and goes to a private school in Magix. Her father had him before he meet Musa's mother which means Musa still gets the throne. Her brother's name is Alex he's really nice or at least to her and they care very much about each other. He's supposed to be on his way home right now. And Musa couldn't wait she need more company than her father right now.

Ho-Boe was walking out of the room carrying their dirty plates. After that she heard him playing piano. It sound like a song of sorrow and some how Musa knew it would be her father's last song.


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