A Present For A Ravenclaw

Just a bunch of random HP one-shots I made for the best Ravenclaw of all time. (Hence the title.) Sorry if they're short or horribly written. Probably mostly song fanfic things.

Warning: No lemons


2. Christmas: Rose/Scorpious (No accual slash)

"So, who's house are we staying at for Christmas?" Scorpious questioned. "Well, my parents are expecting me home for Christmas, but they don't know about us yet," I anwsered. "Then this would be the perfect time for them to find out," Scorpious stated. With a bit of negotiation, I agreed.

Dear Dad,

I will be bringing a friend home with me for Christmas. I hope that's okay. Their family says that it's okay. See you soon!

~Love Rose


"Everyone, this is Scorpious. Scorpious, this is my family," I introduced. "Rose, can I talk to you outside for a moment?" Mum asked. "Sure," I responded. Mum pulled me aside. "Rosie, I know that you really love Scorpious, but you should have given us a warning first. Your father almost had a heart attack when Scorpious walked through the door," Mum explained. I nodded, unable to speak. I really thought that my parents would be more happy for me. After all, Scorpious was the love us my life.


"Maybe it wasn't the best idea to introduce you to my parents..." my voice trailed off. "Nonsense, they may not like me, but at least they know," Scorpious stated. "Hey! Look! There's some mistletoe!" The next thing knew, Scorpious's mouth was pressed against mine. It was our first kiss. "Merry Christmas," Scorpious mumbled against my lips.


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