A relationship with carter reynolds


2. chapter 2

I woke up ready to start the day and I remember that carter had called me yesterday and then I quickly remembered that I needed to go to school and so I got dress and all the usual things I do when I get ready. When I got out the door to go to the bus there was a car in front of my house and I was like what the heak so I just kept walking then the car kept getting closer to me and I started to get scared maybe the person that was driving got lost and needs help or something so then I stopped the window rolled down and it was Carter. He asked do u need a ride. No I think I'm ok with walking. So u sure u want to walk to the bus and just stay on the bus the entire way to school even though you can get a ride from me and u don't need to walk. Ok fine ill take the ride. It was so awkward in the car because one he was Carter Reynolds second I was in his car and third he was just so cu-

So Jennifer can I ask u something. Sure what is it. Do u wan- I mean where's ur school at. Oh it's the Higley high one. Ok what do u want for lunch. What? U would get spotted at my school and the secret of where u are won't be a secret. So I want to be around u so I could get to know u a lot more. That's what the date is for. And it doesn't hurt to know more so I'll buy u chipotle. Okay? Okay. Alright but I got to go so ya um bye. Bye I lo- have a nice day. Omg was he about to say I lov- no he wouldn't because he's Carter he could have any girl he wants why would he want me. The bell rings and I get to class it was just a regular day at school know its time for lunch. I see my friends come over. We're all talking and there like who's that I look over there and I saw a guy with dark shades, a black leatherjacket, and a cigaret in his mouth. And he sits next to me and he says it a metaphor, see you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do it's killing. Haha whatever. I said then my friends are like what the heak. And so he took off the shades and he put his finger up to his lips and he says be very quiet don't tell anyone I'm here okay. And so they all nodded there head. And then I'm just like whatever. Then he pulls a bag of chipotle out and he's like here one for u and one for me. He got me a burrito but idk which kind so I eight it and it was actually really good. Then couple minutes passed and we went back to class while Carter went to his house or hotel place idk. The rest of the day was normal. So I took the bus back home and I started walking when I got home none of the lights would power on and so I had to find candles quickly when I had found just enough I lit the first one and a face popped up and It scared me to death then I heard Carter's laugh and he asked if I was ok and I'm like wtf no don't ever do that again. Hahaha that is so funny but don't worry I won't do it again I promise. Whatever omg. He got me up. So why are u putting candles up. I'm lighting candles because the power went out. Or you could leave them off. He winked and he blew out the candles. We were laughing because we kept running into things and so we got into my room and we sat down. It got quiet for like 4 minutes. What the heak! What haha. Carter u just kissed my eye hahaha. Omg sorry haha. Then he grabbed my head and he kissed me. And this time he actually kissed my lips. Then I pulled away and he said what. Nothing it's just let's just talk.

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