A relationship with carter reynolds


1. chapter 1

I was going to the movies to meet my friends so we could watch the fault in our stars. By the time I got there my friends ditched me and I had already bought the ticket so I just went into the theater to watch it. There was a couple of seers left and there was one on the top row where there was these guys were sitting and so I grabbed a seat up there. the movie was about to start. When I sat down the movie started.

-skips entire movie-

That movie was so good it made me cry and so right when the credits came in I got up to the bathroom and the guy behind me pushed me, I didn't fall but I tripped and I turned around and said watch yourself! And when I said that I looked down at his shoes they were red converse. An I left to the bathroom to fix my makeup and dry up the tears. When I got out of the theater I went walking to my car and on my way there I fell on someone and I was like omg I'm so sor-

I saw his shoes RED CONVERSE omg it was the same jerk who pushed me and he said are u okay and I got up and I saw his face. Your your your Carter Reynolds from Magcon and vine. And he's like ya but be very quiet because I want to be here secretly. And I was like did u just watch TFIOS and he nodded and said why. You pushed me. Oh that was u I'm so sorry I was about to apologize but u just left. We'll ya because one I didn't want people to see me crying and two I didn't want People to know I was crying. Oh haha so wait what's ur name. Oh I'm Jennifer Lopez but u could call me jenny. We shook hands and he grabbed my hand after and he said u won't give my number out to people right an I said um I'll see. Haha very funny. Then he wrote his number on my hand and he put carter the bæ on my hand with a heart. Well i gtg so make sure u call me and call me not txt, call okay? Okay. Bye. Bye. I got home and I looked at my hand and I smiled then I got on my phone and took a picture so I could keep a memory of it the. I copied the number into my contacts then I called him. Hey is this Jennifer. Ya it's me. Great know I have ur number. Haha yup so how is ur busy day I guess. It's so tiring, have u been to one of the Magcon tours before. No because I was to late to even get the tickets. Oh well since I know u I could give u back stage tickets so you can stand in the front and u could meet everyone. OMG REALLY ARE YOU SERIOUS. ya haha. Omg omg thank you so much, wait but that depends where would it be and what day. It would be in California San Francisco on June 28th (made up a date). Omg perfect ur tickets would be in the mail probably in a week or maybe 4 days if everything ships smoothly. I can't stop thanking you. We'll maybe if u can go on a date with me that would thank me enough. Are you serious. Not the response I was hoping but um ya I'm serious. Oh is this the response you wanted um yes. Haha yup. Ok haha I'm gonna go to bed night carter. Good night beautiful.

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