The First Smile

This is one of the many stories i wish to write. I hope you enjoy!! There will be more chapters very soon.


1. Roll Call

I sit down in homeroom, and I wait for the bell to ring. I see jocks, drama geeks, mathleets, cheerleaders, and a few people floating around. I start to wonder what group I will find my self in this time. Being a drama geek is hard work, and I know from experience, making every thing into a perduction not knowing when to stop. Mathleets are hard to impres because of their high IQ. And cheerleaders- the bell rang, interrupting my thoughts.

"All righty, now hush down. Hush. Thats better. Bear with me, they give me twenty minutes of stuff to say in seven." said a middle aged woman, whom I assumed was the teacher. "The cleaning staff would like me to remind you, again, to not stick your gum on the walls. The student counc-"

The door swung open, revealing a blonde haired boy in a white man-tank with a white office pass in one hand, book-bag in the other. I rolled my eyes, another charmer.

"Sorry Mrs. Killinger, got stuck in traffic." He said as he crookedly grinned.

"Oh, thats quite all right Mr. Horan, now just take your seat, dear. " she gushed, color rising to her cheeks.

He slid into a seat, which just so happened to be right next to mine. Great just what I need. He smiled at me and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Niall. You're new?"

"Yeah, I'm Rebekah." I mumbled. I waited for him to question what school I was from, why I moved. Silence.

"What class do you have next? I've got AP Lit and Comp.- that means composition" he unnecessarily explained.

"Me, too. And I know what 'comp' means. "

"I just didn't know if you caught on to the slang yet." he laughed.


"Now let's do roll call" said Mrs. Killinger. "Bynard, Kelly."


"Clarkson, Anna Kate"


"Driscoll, Rebekah"

"What? Oh. Here." I mumbled, embarrassed. I shrunk down, further into my seat.

Niall turned around, smiling,"You do know that 'here' is what you say when they call your name, right?"

"Umm, yeah."

He chuckled.


"See you in class?" he asked.


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