Internet Boyfriend [BoyxBoy]


Tristan is an open gay. Always beaten up by the usual bullies, squealed at by the fan girls, and has the craziest best friends he could ever hope for. He isn't complaining or anything but he feels empty and he longs for a boyfriend like any other hormonal teenager.

When he finds a gay site : '' it's a whole new world to him. He knows the consequences and warnings of the internet but yet he still goes on. In that site, he finds someone who he can't seem to forget.

He's in big shit.. With the texting, pictures, and phone calls. How can he not get any deeper? When the time comes when they finally meet each other.... Everything is put on the line. When secrets start getting revealed, what exactly happens from then on.

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4. Ch.4

Hey I'm baaaaaackkk with an awesome chapter.. This should have you wanting more. Mwahahhaa.. I'm sorry... I'm just so psyched that I wrote this chapter ;0

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Well Enjoy....


Tristan's POV

A ding sound came from the monitor yet again.

Ryde_Me : awe why won't you tell me baby.

Yes, I was talking to Ryder the flirtatious, annoying, egotistical, annoying, perverted. ANNOYING! guy that I met online. Why did I keep responding to his texts... ask me again. Why did I keep responding to his texts? Stop asking me. I DON'T KNOW!

Trissie : Stop calling me baby

Ryde_Me : I won't unless you give me your name

Trissie : -_- Not gonna give it to you

Ryde_Me : Oh well too

Trissie : shuddup

Ryde_Me : Why baby?

Trissie : cuz you're annoying me... again

Ryde_Me : Again? ;)

Trissie : yes again and stop making it look sexual with that winking face

Ryde_Me : *smirks* you're the negative one now... not me.

I-I am not the negative one.

Trissie : *sigh*

Ryde_Me : Come on sexy, just one thing I ask.

Trissie : ....

Ryde_Me : I bet it's a cute name

Trissie : ....

Ryde_Me : c'mon. I know it won't be as sexy as my name... no one's name is but it'll come close second

Trissie : Ugh!

Why is he so persistent on wanting to know my name?

Ryde_Me :  I will keep bothering you

Trissie : Fine...

Ryde_Me : So what  is it?

Trissie : Tristan....

I bit my lip a bit nervous for who knows why! I need to calm down, it's just some guy on the internet. Nothing more and nothing less so it doesn't have to matter what he thinks, right? I was now getting anxious as he took more than four minutes to answer the question. How hard was it to type 'cool' or 'nice' huh? unless he was writing 'that's such a disgusting name that I threw up in my mouth' and stuff like that. I hope that was not the case.

My fingers turned jittery as they tapped on the desk nervously. Come on Ryder!

Ryde_Me : What I tell you? it was a cute name

Trissie : why did you take so long?

Ryde_Me : were you worried Tristan?

I felt the red color my cheeks. 

Trissie : Why would I?

Ryde_Me : bcuz you probably though I was going to dislike your name...

Trissie : No

Ryde_Me : I'm already use to you denying the truth ;) including you wanting me

Trissie : that's definitely a lie, I hate you

Ryde_Me : then why keep chatting w/ me? 

I was searching for the reason why I couldn't stop writing to this bastard but.. I couldn't think of anything! 'Maybe it's because he makes you laugh, feel wanted and loved' a small frail voice came from the back of my head. A back of my head answer is never a good thing! 

Ryde_Me : no excuses I see ;) it's okay baby, we'll meet soon enough.

I groaned.

Trissie : Weren't you going to stop calling me that?

Ryde_Me : Calling you what? 

Trissie : Baby...

Ryde_Me : *Smirks* yes?

I rolled my eyes.

Trissie : I wasn't calling for you

Ryde_Me : suuuuuuree *hint the sarcasm* You should call me daddy next time 

Trissie : Not happening.

Ryde_Me : It will happen. I'll be biting on your ear  and you'll tremble in my hands saying 'Daddy more'

I shifted in my seat scowling. Where the hell does this guy get these things from? 

Trissie : Are you sexually frustrated?

Ryde_Me : Why would I be?

Trissie : bcuz you keep writing things like that...

Ryde_Me : only bcuz I'm hooooorny for you Tristan

And that was my cue to leave.

Trissie : Goodbye, I'm going out today.

Ryde_Me : Avoiding my answer I see, where are you going?

Trissie : to some party w/ my friends

Ryde_Me : Is that so?... Have fun seeeexy

Trissie: Shuddup!!!!

{Ryde_Me has logged off}

Why did he log off before me when I was the one that had to go? Was he only on this website to chat with me? I shook my head, be quiet Tristan you're putting nonsense into your beautiful brain. I got up from the comfy wheelchair of the desktop and stretched yawning... I was indeed waiting for my friends to come... they were one hour late!!

Not that I'm surprised, they were a bunch of crazy asses just like me which is why we all got along so well. Honking of a horn came from outside and instantly combed my fingers through my hair grabbing my  navy blue jacket that matched well with my laid back dark blue shirt. I ran down the stairs like a little kid opening the door locking it as I walked outside feeling the cool night air hit me my warm skin.

"Hurry up Trissie!" Rhea's shouting came from the car, can she get more embarrassing? I made my way to the car hopping in the back with Gena and Febian who both scooted over to the far end so I could sit in the middle. "Why am I friends with you people again?" I said taking a seat in the suffocating middle "Because you love us?" Rhea answered from the front of the passenger seat. "Nah I don't think that's it " I smiled "you know you wove me Trissie" she made kissing faces at me which just looked like a deformed fish. 

I heard a gasp and a few giggles with snickers. "I do not look like a deformed fish!" her hand went back as she slapped me across my head.. Ouch! What do woman do to get such power? I rubbed the burning spot pouting. "Tch, that's not going to get me to say sorry" she raised an eyebrow with an evil expression.  I stuck my tongue out her as she tried to hit me again. "Child abuse!" I screamed and Gena laughed pushing me towards Rhea so she could hit me even more. 

Can't I get some descent friends around here? No... okay.

Ten minutes later of being abused from a certain someone and an almost car accident because of SOMEONE's butt in the drivers face, we stopped at a near house. "You know I can hear you right?" Rhea announced, I frowned. Seriously? How can I not realize that I say things out loud, does my mouth do this on purpose! I can die this way.

"Yes, yes you can" Mitch smirked at me from the front of the car. I flicked him off and he only chuckled like the little bastard he is. I start pushing Febian on the door ordering him to open it and that if he doesn't I shall chop his balls in two. He put both hands up in defence "can you wait" you could see the amusement in his eyes. "Can your balls wait?" I gave him a look, he instantly turned around and opened the door with whispering an "Oh damn.."

I kicked him out and he stumbled into the streets while I jumped out taking a big whiff of the nightly air letting out cloudy puff balls when exhaling. "Tis a beautiful night" I recited, the gang laughed behind me "Yes I agree with thou's statement" Mitch joined in.

"I do declare, young master"  Rhea came out of the car next to me. "Shall we attend the ball?" Gena asked."We shall" Febian answered loudly and we all laughed at our silliness. See what I mean? We're a bunch of weirdo's thrown together... quite amusing you might say.

Once we were in the garage of the huge house that was hosting the party, I already saw drunks scattered around with either bottles in their hands or a companion. They were like walking zombies in the night with some kind of need. 

The front door was open as I stepped in, blaring lights came on, countless of bodies being jammed together as they dance. This house was not only huge but looked expensive, Why would they have their party in such a nice house? 

"Who's party is this?" I tugged on Mitch's shirt looking up at him, he shrugged "some guy who goes by R" 

Automatically I thought of Ryder when he said that but I shook my head denying it, I mean come on he can't be at this party.

Before I could talk to Mitch again, I find the him already swapping spit with a near three boobed blond bimbo. Okay, okay fine! she didn't have three boobs and she was beautiful but it pissed me off that he had left me all alone. It hasn't even been three minutes since we've arrived.

Since I see that everybody has somehow abandoned me, Rhea went to flirt with a group of guys. Gena and  Febian had left together ... Wow you guys are great friends.

I turned and bumped into a hard chest that sent me flying to my back. I felt that sharp pain sting my cheeks and I rubbed them as I brought myself up, I glared at the... Oh my god. Is he a-a god? his dirty blond hair fit well with his dark tone skin, and h-his chest down to his body.

"You alright?" his deep voice snapped me out the luscious day dream I was ready to have. I blushed looking up at his sparkling blue eyes that had me staring at them longer than I should. Y-yes" I stuttered and he chuckled slightly as if observing me. "Let me buy you a drink" he smiled as if he were some kind of British model that I only nodded my head in response following him towards the bar area, ignoring the bodies of teenagers bumping constantly with mines.

I sat on the stool twisting my seat constantly, twirling around and having fun until someone cleared their throat, I stopped immediately. "Cute.." he laughed and I only ended up blushing worse as the bar tender  placed two glasses filled with drinks. 

I stared at the substance in the glass. It didn't look like what I ordered which was Hard Arnold but this looks weird. "Come on drink up" he clanged his glass with mines, "what's your name?" he asked when I took a sip that burned my lungs. 

"Tristan, you?" I answered placing the glass down once more, "Alex" he leaned in my ears whispering it slowly. I jumped a bit, my body tensing up and he leaned back.

"Are you by any chance gay..." he let the sentence trail off and I chugged more of my drink. "Yeah, what about it? you gotta a problem big shot?" I pointed at him accusingly knowing that the alcohol has already taken affect from all the spinning I've doing with the stool.

"Nope not at all, I'm bi so I like guys as well" he explained amusement filled his tone and I rolled my eyes. "Don't get ahead of yourself, you're probably gay just hiding behind an excuse of a Bi" I stated back poking his firm chest.

"Maybe so" he said nonchalantly and moved closer to me standing from his stool placing himself between my legs. I gasped, what the hell is he doing? 

"Isn't it good for us both, we can go and talk somewhere quiet" he looked down on me and grabbed my hand pulling me off the seat and I staggered behind him not having enough will power to deny. He pulled me into a room on the second floor pushing me backwards as he closed the door.

I wasn't that drunk to loose my virginity to some stranger, I stared at him dangerously.

"I might be drunk but I'm not having it with you" I told him my voice raised. He smirked "I don't seem a bit aroused to me" he bend down on his knees and placed an index finger on my thigh and bit my lip. 

"Can you stop, are you in so much denial that you want to rape me" I sighed, I know I seem calm but right now.. I'm FREAKING OUT!  Why can't I just kick this guys in his saggy balls and leave? my body won't listen. I get into a situation like this every time I drink, when will I learn? When will you learn Tristan? WHEN?

"Who will learn?" he looked up at me mischievously and once again I cursed myself for speaking out loud. A knock came from the door but this Alex guy or whoever he was didn't get up to answer it, he just kept massaging my inner thigh.

"Alex I know you're in there, R is calling for you. Some fight is happening near the pool so hurry up" a voice came from the other side of the door, Alex sucked his teeth displeased and before he left, he bent to my ears once more. 

"I'll get you some other time Tristan" he bit my ear lobe and I shivered when he smirked as he opened the door leaving me inside the dark room. I sighed relieved, thank god! 

I think I should go home, I was right... Parties were just not for someone like me. I forced my wobbling legs up concentrating my dizzy head forward as I found the stairs. I stepped down on the first step to only slide and fall three steps ahead as I caught the bar. A few snickers were heard behind me but I held the bar tightly making my way down these monsters. Once I got down I was panting, Uh do not blame me here! You try going down the stairs DRUNK!

Since I know that my friends were no where to be found and I was pretty use to all of that, I just decided to walk. It wasn't too far from my house actually and all I had to do was make sure that I didn't get raped, murdered or high jacked. Should be easy....?


I found my front door step and ran to it like a mad man, you never know. Like those movies, the person finally finds the right door or they finally get home then BAM! they get shot at, someone kidnaps them or their house explodes. 

Don't blame me, Tv rots half the human brain. My fingers shook as I twisted the key and turned the knob happy that I got home. Of course my parents weren't home. I crawled up the stairs, yes... yes I crawled like a damn animal. I was tired OKAY! and may I remind you drunk. 

When I arrived at the top of the stairs, I didn't bother getting up so I just kept crawling until I reached my room that was carpeted and found my computer screen on. A goofy smile slid it's way over my face and I finally got up and sat on the wheeled chair already logged on to 

Ryder was online!



Ryder's POV 

Trissie : Hey~~ Ryder

I raised an eyebrow, this was definitely a shock. Tristan chatting with me first? Isn't it suppose to be the other way around. Wan't he suppose to be at a party... Was it mines? I wonder...

Ryde_Me : hey sexy 

I'll just have to go along with it but the curiosity is at it's extreme. If he was at the party, why did he leave? wasn't he suppose to be going with friends.  "Ryderrrr..." a girl to my right purred near me as I watched her with a bored expression. "Stop ignoring us, what are you doing on your phone anyways?" the one to my left locked her arms around mines. "Yeah is that your girlfriend?" another girl in front of me was kneeling. 

I sighed at their noisiness.  "I'm busy, you girls can leave now" I ordered, they all groaned and grunted as they slowly got off the couch leaving me at rest. "What's wrong with him today? I though we were gonna do it" "yeah me too awww" "maybe next time" was what they were whispering and giggling as they left.

"Rare to see you turn them down, Ryder" Alex grinned stealing the spot next to me. "I guess, they just seemed annoying today" I said out loud. Alex only laughed, he was the kind of best friend you had since you were born. Him and I had always been together, never had a fight, and we always got along no matter what. We even share things and also people as well. 

A ding came from my phone.

Trissie : I know I sexy duuuuhhh dummy

I smiled, there is definitely something wrong with him. Tristan is usually stubborn when I talk to him and never go along with my jokes or when I tease him which makes it the more amusing for me.

"Alex what were you doing to that boy earlier, wasn't he girl? or was it a dike?" Parker sat near Alex who shrugged. "It was a boy but he had a body similar like a girl, he was cute. I kind of got him drunk though when I pulled him into the room" Alex explained. 

Ryde_Me : I'm a dummy? that's kinda mean 

"Why did you get him drunk for, you're such a rapist" Parker nudged Alex at the side who did it to him back. "That's because I was going to show him a fun time"  Alex mumbled, "Do you even know his name?"  Parker said.

Trissie : I'm not mean, I'm just telling the truth

Ryde_Me : wow fine I admit I'm a dummy

Trissie : about time you realized the truth

"He said his name was Tristan.." My phone dropped from my hand and it landed on the floor with a loud sound. "Tristan?" I questioned picking up my phone before they could catch my reaction. Tristan was at my fucking party? Shit, I should have went to check. I could have found him!

"Yeah Tristan, he has a pretty cool name for a cute guy" Alex admitted.

"Your name is Alex and it's not and you're not cool.. it's a shame" Parker shook his head.

"That's right unlike me, my name is Ryder and I'm fucking awesome!" I smirked deviously because I know that the Tristan that I'm talking to is close by and his drunk right now which means, I could get any type of information out him.

"You just sounded evil right there, scared me for a second" Alex pretended shivering and I laughed as I tapped on my phone.

Ryde_Me : What is your number?

Trissie : Why would I tell you?

Awe damn even when he is drunk, his stubborn as hell. "Did you hear the rumour..." Parker began and I decided to ignore their conversation then on. I had to focus on getting Tristan's number as soon as possible.

Ryde_Me : bcuz I want to talk to you

Trissie : fine... 555-678-4589

I grinned from ear to ear. I got what I wanted and I wasn't that bad of a person to ask him for his address or to make him send naked pictures of him.... no matter how bad I want it. I've decided to call him tomorrow instead and for some reason I feel pretty excited.

Ryde_Me : thanks baby

Trissie : gah! stop calling me that\

Ryde_Me : you should get some sleep

Trissie : yyyyyy

Ryde_Me : cuz 2morrow you have a surprise tomorrow 

Trissie : I dont wanna!

Ryde_Me : then I'm leaving

Trissie : d-don't leaaaavvvveeeee

Yep, his drunk. He keeps dragging words out.

Ryde_Me : y not?

Trissie : I'm lonelyyy

He sounds so cute for some reason.

Ryde_Me : don't worry, I'll talk to you 2morrow

Trissie : Promise? ^_^

Ryde_Me : Promise.

{Trissie has logged off}

Well I did promise to talk to him.... I can't wait to hear his voice.

"Yo Ryder let's have some fun, you're the one who made this party" Alex pushed me when I got up that I stumbled back and bumped into Parker who cursed at us as we laughed and left the room.

Tomorrow should be really amusing.


You got a glimpse of Ryder!

Do you like him XD I sure do. 

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