The Metaphorical Leap

This is a story, but it's skinny love, illness and strength for the people you love. What more could you want from a short story.
Jay and Nico are best friends, have been for years, and when no one else is really there for jay when he needs it, Nico is there with her helping hand.
See jay got some bad news and he has two weeks till he finds out if it's anything serious, but in that time will he be strong enough not to break?

Read and find out :)


1. abrupt news

Jays mum was freaking out, which was to be expected I guess. I watched her as she paced violently from one side of the room to the other, practically scraping her palms raw with nerves and worry. I was worried too, but in any situation like this there has to be at least one person being strong in the room, and if that wasn't my best friends own mother, then it would have to be me.

I didn't like it, not one bit- the news had tore through me like a tidal wave and I tried so hard not to cry. I felt my throat burning and my eyes felt like water was a distant memory- it was so difficult straining not to cry. I can't break, not here, not now and not in front of him. If I break, he will break so I just have to be strong.

"So a tumour huh?" Jay turned to me, acting as brave as he could, but I knew him so well and I could see the water twinkling at the corners of his deep brown eyes.

"It's not too serious, it will be fine, the doctor said it would be easily removed in the next few weeks..." I replied. I have to be strong, not for me but for him. Keep. It. Together.

"It's a fucking tumour Nico! What is the likelihood of it going well?" My heart tore seeing my friends pain and I felt it like my own. The burning in my throat persisted harder and I opened my mouth to speak, but no words would come.

"Exactly" jay practically whispered "I'm probably going to die"

his voice cracked at die and I very nearly lost it, but I held it together, digging my nails into the sides of the rubbery hospital chair like it was holding me to the earth.

Jays mum stopped in her persistent pacing and turned quickly to her son. She was shaking and her cheeks were red and wet from tears. "Don't talk like that young man! Just don't!" She ran out abruptly leaving the door swaying, making it give a painful squeak as it slowly swung to a stop.

Silence followed her absence and I found myself falling asleep with my head on Jays side. I cried, but silently so no one would hear. I just had to be strong.

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