My first love

Chloe had many boyfriends and crushes but when Harry Styles unexpectedly walks into her life what will happen will she fall for him? Or will she not?


1. My Annoying Life

'Chloe wake up we're going shopping!' Ughhhh whyyyyyyyyy 'No let me sleep!!' 'Chloe it's 1pm! Get ur fat ass outta bed child!' 'Fine be down in two!

Okay what should I wearrrrr??? Ugh I have NO clothes! My as well just wear my jeans, black top and pink converse! I loveeee shopping, just not with Amy I hate her!! (My sister) she does nothing but whine in my ear about every little thing! From boyfriends to Justin Bieber and his new drug addiction to no food! I mean has this child not got a life! Mum thinks I should spend time with her because she's apparently supposed to be my best friend ? What? Is all I can say to that . I have my own friends and my own life ! I don't need Amy! Grrrr I can't stand this child! The only reason I agreed to thus is because mum said she would take me to a room 94 concert if I did. Which is a fair enough deal I suppose.

'Chloe!!! Get down here now I want to make it before Christmas!!' Amy screamed. Can I strangle her now

*skip car ride*

'Clear off I'm going to Hollister' 'whyyyyy?' 'Amy shut up and do as your told! ' I just walked off after that. I need something pretty for the One Direction concert tonight so I have decided on buying a dress from Lipsy and a pair of shoes from River Island. I am soooooooooooooo exited for this concert!!! Mainly because I am going with my amazing best friend !! And I have meet and greet VIP tickets!!!!!! OH MY GOSH ! I CANT WAIT!!!!

Sorry if this is bad but this is my first fan fic so yeahhhh thanks for reading! With love Chloe-Natasha

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