PEER Pressure

an average play about a young boy who is pressured into something he doesn't want to do but in the end he comes out triumphant!


1. Scene 1

A group of boys are outside a Warehouse there dressed in casual hoodies and tracksuit-bottoms

Thomas: This warehouse is packed with electronics worth loads and DVD’s  that haven’t even released yet my cousin David said he got in and out without it being noticed.  they still haven’t even put up cameras!

Daniel: are you sure about this Tom your cousin isn’t very reliable

Aaron: I told you earlier, I’d rather lose you as a friend then become a thief!

Daniel: it can’t be that bad Aaron we’ll be In and out in five minutes it won’t hurt!

Aaron: I'm not a thief and I never will be!

Thomas: well then go home baby!

Aaron: call me that again ill break your face!

Aaron goes to grab Thomas but Daniel steps in between them.

Daniel: Cool it you two! Your behaving stupidly you two are friends!

Aaron: friends don’t turn other friends into thugs!

Daniel: Come on ! It won’t hurt you!

Thomas: Yeah Aaron, I'm sorry!  come on it’s only a warehouse and there’s no CCTV!

Aaron: Guys I can’t rob something I’d be killed‼

Daniel: Well at least, have a smoke of this you might feel different once you have!

Thomas: Yeah come on man!  Don’t be a child I thought you were our friend!

Aaron: O.K if you promise it is harmless

Daniel + Thomas: It is !

Aaron reaches for the cigarette and takes a long inhalation of it when he finally released he starts to cough. He tries to hand the cigarette back to Daniel.

Daniel: No smoke it all don’t be a baby!

Aaron gives him a rude Gesture. But does not go to hit him.

Thomas: so are we going to break into this place or not? It’s simple! my cousin David says he has done it! And he got away with it too‼  10 phones! Each worth about 200 and a load of other small things like unreleased-

Daniel: Yes Tom we heard you before, but it’s up to Aaron now stop making this hard

Aaron: I really don’t want to rob anything it’s not worth it!

Thomas: if you’re going to be a baby about it then go home you-

Daniel: (stopping Aaron from moving) Thomas! If he doesn’t want, to were not doing it tonight!

Thomas: fine then! What are we doing so?

Daniel: let’s go meet some girls

Aaron: that sounds good!

Just then there is a disturbance behind them and a security guard walks on to the stage.

Sec. Guard: What are you three doing lurking here ?

Thomas: Were not bothering you! Were just chatting

Daniel: yeah what’s it to you where we stand?

Aaron: were sorry for disturbing you we’re about to leave anyway!

Sec. Guard: It smells like you’ve been smoking how old are you three chaps anyway? And what is it to me you ask? Well this here is a building that I have to protect from robbers and looters and recently the place was robbed of 10 Mobiles while I was in the bathroom. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you.

Thomas: I'm sixteen and we weren’t smoking

Daniel: I'm sixteen too! and we wouldn’t think of robbing were not thieves.

Aaron: (who still has the cigarette in his hand, tries to throw it to the floor without being noticed but fails.) we did have a cigarette but we haven’t robbed this warehouse.

Sec. Guard: well I'm sorry if I don’t believe you now turn out your pockets!

All boys pull out the stuff that’s in their pockets Daniel has a pack of chewing gum a lighter, a wallet and a mobile phone. Thomas has a box of cigarettes, a multi flip-knife, a box of matches and a mobile phone Aaron only has a mobile phone  and a wallet.

Sec. Guard: (inspects their stuff and hands them each back there mobiles and Daniel and Aaron their wallets back. to Daniel; ) I'm taking your lighter you’re not old enough to smoke‼ and the same with the cigarettes and the matches now whose is this knife?

Thomas: it’s my camping knife!

Sec. Guard: well I'm confiscating it as it is illegal to carry around weapons if you would like to get it back then you’ll have to come in with a parent to get it back!

Thomas: please man, I need that multi-tool I'm going camping tomorrow it’s the main reason I was meeting the boys here‼

Sec. Guard: I'm sorry but I have to confiscate it now I have to ask you to leave or ill call the gardai

The three boys start to walk away.

Daniel: lucky we didn’t actually go in and try to rob anything

Thomas: yeah lucky we were clever enough to know better!

Aaron: excuse me but if it wasn’t for me you would have made the mistake of breaking in!!

Daniel: hes right Thomas we would have been the stupid ones who actually tried to go in and rob something! we were saved from our stupidity by Aaron. Thanks man!

Thomas: I suppose your right thanks for being the baby of the group man ! (in a mocking type of way)

Aaron: (giving him a friendly kick) man I’ll show you who the baby is in a minute!

Thomas: Ow!

Daniel: (laughing with Aaron) That was a good kick, now stop calling him a baby Tom!

Thomas: Ah he knows I'm messing‼

Daniel: I know!  lets go Cinema or something

Aaron: O.K yeah lets go‼

Thomas: I have no money (turning sadly)

Aaron: well chip in for you!

Daniel: Yeah now come on lets go!

Thomas: Why?

Aaron: because even though you’re an idiot. your still our good friend‼

Thomas: Thanks bud!

(They all exit)

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