Sparks || J.B.

"And there was this girl. Beautiful, militant, strong. I fell in love without noticing, it was incredible. We both knew that we hadn't a lot of time. There were problems and there are still problems, but I'll always fight for her. I promise." - Justin Bieber, Superstar

| Book One of Justin's and Melody's love story |

> cover by the amazing @Rhapsody from || COVER STORE! || <


20. Next To You



The last few days had gone by pretty quickly. Most of the time I was with Zayn or Harry, although I probably should have talked with Chaz. I didn't know what I should do. He should have come to me... I mean... ugh. He was so selfish!

I shook my head and put on my old cheerleading uniform. I glanced in the mirror, stroke my hair and then knocked on Melody's door. But it seemed stupid because she couldn't hear me anyway, so I just yanked the door open, but she wasn't in her room. When I wanted to turn around and go, I heard her voice behind me.

"What exactly are you doing?"

turned and smiled at her. "I was looking for you and as I see, you're done. We must go now!"

She looked at me skeptically and then turned to the stairs. Below, Matt was waiting. He didn't look at Melody. "Ready?" 

I nodded and we walked to his car. Harry and was Melody sat in the backseats, while I sat on the passenger seat and Matt drove off.


At school we got out and then Zayn already came up to me.

"Hey, beautiful."

He wrapped his arms around me and I hold him tight. Then we parted again and I spotted Tam standing behind him, so I went to her and hugged her too. She smiled and waited until Melody was also with us.

"Are you ready?" I nodded and Melody did the same.

"Okay, follow me."

We went to Candice, Bridgit and a girl that I didn't know. Tam introduced us and it turned out that the girl’s name was Hailey.

Hailey had pronounced cheekbones, dark blonde hair and a dark, shimmering skin tone. The four stood in front of us and Melody looked up at me. I inserted a CD and then put me back down next to Melody. Tam pressed play and I lowered my head.

The music swirled around us and our movements were matching to it. Our battle cries filled the air. A few students stopped to watch us, but we were used to it. Easy going, we continued to dance, made ​​a stunt after another, trying all the time to smile. As the music went out, we were sitting in the splits on the floor and I tried to breathe calmly.

Candice nodded approvingly at us and the girls discussed briefly. Although I had done my best, I looked doubtfully at Melody. She helped me up off the floor and pressed my hand sympathetically. Then the girls came back and I took a deep breath.

"I have talked with the girls and... Welcome to the team!" Tamina announced and we embraced one after the other.

Together we went to the stands and sat in the first row. The boys were still playing and Zayn waved to me shortly. I smiled at him and he continued to play.

"He likes you."

I turned to Tam and said, "Sure, we're friends."

"Hm, yeah, but... you know, he doesn't really lets anyone close to him and he only knows you since a few days."

I nodded slowly. "Is that the reason why why so many girls in the school look at me disparagingly?" 

"Yeah, they are jealous."

"But that doesn't make sense, we're just friends."

She looked at me and then looked on the playing field. She mumbled something that sounded like "Yet."





"And if you just talk to her?"

"Oh, that would be pointless. She sticks to Zayn."

"But you're still together, so..."

I sat now certainly been two hours at Chaz' and talked to him about his girlfriend. I sighed and leaned back.

"Well, no matter. I heard there's something between you and Melody?"

"Damn it! How do you know?"

He shrugged, "Caitlin."

I sighed again and ran a hand through my hair.

"She also told me that you are no longer friends."

I laughed shortly. "Well, she told me that we were never something like friends."

He rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on, that's Caitlin." I shook my head and he added "Well, it's not matter anyway. So, what's that between you and Melody?" He grinned at me.

"Hm, it's just... wonderful. And I know this is stupid, but I think I love her."

"Wait a minute, Bro. Not just in love? You- you love her?"

I nodded slowly, "I'm sorry, but I can't understand this. I understand when I say that I love Lauren, because I know her for about nine years and learned to love her, but you know Melody just a few months. If at all."

I shrugged. "For some it’s simply faster." Chaz shook his head.

"Talking about our girls, it looks like our favorites would have come back home." I got up and went to the door, but then I paused. "Come on, Chaz."

He looked at me doubtfully.

"You have to talk with Lauren."

He sighed, but then came after me.





We were getting out of the car, when Chaz came up to me. I wanted to leave at first, but then I realized that that was stupid. So I went a few steps toward him, until we were standing right in front of each other.

He took a deep breath and said "I'm sorry."

I wanted to be mad or something, but I couldn't, so I rolled my eyes and hugged him.

"I really missed you, you know?" he said.

I laughed lightly in my hair and nodded. Even if he was an asshole... he was still my boyfriend. We stood for a while there and talked, but then we said goodbye and I went alone to our house. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that I had a new message. It was from Zayn.



Any plans for tomorrow? xx


I sighed. Of course I wanted to do something with him, but then Chaz would be mad again. On the other hand, it was my thing. Not his. So I took my phone and typed a response.



No, wanna plan something together? xx





I was standing in front of my bed and put down my bag, as someone covered my eyes from behind me. Automatically I grabbed his hands, stooped down a little, pushed the person with my elbow in the stomach and threw the person over my shoulder. I saw the person's face and realized that it was Justin.

"Oh, Justin, I'm sorry!" I said quickly. I handed him my hand and helped him up.

"Well, I probably deserved it after all..." he muttered.

Then he looked at me more closely and said, "Hot!"

I smiled and blushed. Justin wanted to hug me, but I dodged him.

"Later, okay?" He looked at me quizzically. "I want to change first."

Justin nodded and sat down on my bed. I dug a few things out of my closet and went into the bathroom.

I washed my face, because I felt so hot from the training, I also washed my arms a little. I rested my hands on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked completely wasted. So I finally got into the shower and took a long one. Then I changed my clothes, quickly dried my hair and put some make-up on again. I took a deep breath, walked out of the bathroom and looked at my bed.

Justin lay wide on it and was asleep. He was snoring and I had to smile. I went up to him and made ​​me so softly I could fall onto the bed beside him. I watched him and stroked him lightly on the cheek. He blinked, yawned, and managed to open his eyes and look at me.

"Oh, hey," he said sleepily.

"Hey," I said and snuggled into him.

For a few seconds we lay there like that, but then he moved away from me and took out his cell phone.

"Hello?" he said. "Ah, okay... Now? Um, okay, all right, give me five minutes."

He hung up and shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Sorry, I gotta go."

He leaned down to me and gave me a quick kiss. "That was Scooter, he wants me to come right away." 

"Who is Scooter?" I asked, frowning.

Justin paused, smiled and said, "My manager. I have recently written a new song and we can record it finally." He shrugged. "Well, see you later, Mel."

He leaned down again, gave me a quick kiss and then walked out of my room. I looked after him and frowned. For me Justin was just a normal boy, but writing songs and having a manager... that probably wasn't a sign for a normal boy.





I ran out of the house, got into my car and sped off. Scooter could be pretty nasty if I wasn't with him immediately. He was in fact the real reason why I was so often stopped by the police.

When I finally arrived at the studio, I raced up and already stood in front of Scooter.

"Since when do you know that we can use this studio?"

"Since this morning. And you want to do this the this melody?"

"Not with this melody, for Melody! A girl that I like very much."

Scooter laughed. "Ah, okay." Then he became serious again. "When you have recorded the song, we need to start to record the music video from "Misteltoe". I've had a few girls cast and beside you found the main character."

Although it was still months out until winter, we always turned everything in advance.


Finally we had recorded the song finished, after we had already worked weeks on it.

"And how was it?" I asked Scooter.

"Very good, but..." he shook his head slowly. "But as a duet it would be even better."

I frowned. "Um, okay... And with whom?"

Scooter smiled. "Chris Brown has answered. I showed him the text and played the melody and he wants the track on his new album."

I smiled. "Yeah, sure. Okay. Let's do that."

"Okay. It's now almost seven o'clock. "Misteltoe" plays in the evening, so we start right away to record it."

I nodded and Scooter said "Good. Come with me. "

He walked out of the studio and I followed him. We drove to a backdrop that came very close to a Christmas market. I changed my clothes and then met the rest of the crew.


"Cut! Very good!" the director cried hours later.

I hugged the girl from my video, Jessica, and wanted to turn around to go to my bus when the director called "Once again!"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. The director frowned at me and shouted "Okay, okay. Ten minutes break for all!"

I began to smile, walked to my bus and got myself a coffee. When I was about to take a sip of my drink, a camera team stood in front of me.

Scooter came and said "Behind the Scenes."

I nodded, gave him my cup and Scooter stood behind the cameraman, as he said "Go!"

I started to smile and said "Hey. I'm Justin Bieber and you're here on my video shoot for my new song "Misteltoe"."

Scooter gave me a sign that I should keep talking.

"Um... we're now recording for five hours. It's cold, dark and we are now already for about thirteen times in the final scene. Something always comes in between, so we're stuck." I looked around and spotted Jessica.

"Come with me! I'll show you the most important girl in this video," I said to the camera and led them to Jessica.

"Hey, Jessy" I said, and stood beside her.

"Hey," she said, looking at me suspiciously.

"We're here at "Behind the Scenes". Tell us something about you. And after that Scooter would like also like to say something!"

Scooter's eyes widened and looked at me angrily. I laughed and Jessy began to tell stuttering. I grabbed my coffee from Scooter and then ran back to my bus, where I drank finally my coffee and then looked at my phone.

No new messages. I logged me in twitter and wrote: "On the set of Misteltoe. I'm sure you'll like it (: I love you ♥"

I immediately got thousands of responses, but I wasn't in the mood to write, so I logged out and shoved my phone back in my pocket.

I wanted to get up just when someone banged on my door and shouted "Justin, come now! We must continue to record!"

I rolled my eyes and walked to the door.

Slowly I went back to the set and the director shouted "Kissing scene, Take fourteen!"

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