Hi ok so my Aunty Susan gave me this diary to write all my feelings about going to a new school in London which obviously is going to be crap. Ok so I'm being negative but who wouldn't if they were being moved all the way from Edinburgh to London??


2. Journey

We're on our way to f*^king London. I've seen the house it is pretty amazing I'm going to have my own room in a little turret but it's still going to be hell. The reason being that I've been replaced the only one that will vaguely remember me is Lola who is now classed as a geek to the world because she can do maths isn't that so stupid? Anyway Aunt Susan is taking me to visit the school tomorrow and was going on about how i'll love it there I said was because she stopped when she say in her mirror that I was imitating her whilst putting on a startlingly red lip stick. Now she going on about make up saying "You know makeup will one day make your skin all crinkled" so I said " Then I'll just use makeup to cover it up" and she tutted. I hate their fiat it's so small and I can barely breath not to mention I'm car sick.

Oh well not Aunt Susan is not going to put me in the back again I was just sick all over her in the front in the passenger seat.

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