1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


96. Preference #84- His Favorite Thing About You

Preference #84- His Favorite Thing About You.



Zayn: Your Curves. He loves everything about you of course but he adores your curves. He likes to grab onto them!


Niall: Your Feet. For an odd reason He loves your feet. They're soft but seem to always be cold! It gives him an excuse to touch them.


Liam: Your Hands. Your have beautiful hands according to him. They fit perfectly with his, which is one of the main reasons he loves them!


Louis: Your Lips. You have very full and pink lips. He thinks they are just so kissable. He says he kisses you so much because of this.


Harry: Your eyes. Your eyes are a vibrant colour, they could light up a own world according to Harry. If he could he'd stare into them all day long.

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