Stuck On The Road

Before a One Direction concert ended Ivana's friend Clementine drags her out of the concert early. Confused, Ivana repeatedly asks where Clementine is taking her. She soon realizes that she was taken to the tour bus for One Direction. Clementine enters the bus followed by an paranoid Ivana. After Clementine snooped around for a while they hear the door open. Ivana quickly hides in the bathroom where she squeezes into the cabinet. She begins to hear everyone speaking. After a while Ivana starts to feel the movement of the bus. Ivana was stuck on the bus with the biggest boy band in the world.


1. Chapter One

~~Everyone threw their hands in the air waving them left to right enjoying the sound of Niall singing Little Things. My friend Clementine excitingly bounced up and down in her spot tugging at my long sleeve red blouse. I tried to ignore her but she then grabbed my wrist dragging me out of the arena, my feet literally digging in the ground in protest. "Clementine, what are you doing? They still have another song!" She kept quiet the entire way. My wrists felt relief when she released me but I became disappointed that girls were beginning to leave meaning it was over. Having no other decisions to make I ran after Clementine. Unexpectedly, she came to a dead stop where I ran straight into her. "Ivana, look!"

There I noticed the enormous bus that takes One Direction from state to state. Bravely, Clementine walked forward opening the doors and stepping onto the bus. "Clementine!" I followed behind her attempting to get her out. The wind closed the door once I was inside causing me to jump. The light was flicked on. I was surprised at how neat they had their things; everything had its own spot. "We aren't supposed to be in here, lets go." I was now paranoid. What if they came back and caught us? It could happen unexpectedly at any moment. "Calm down. I just wanna have a look around. Then we'll leave, okay?" I rolled my eyes and followed behind her into the bunks room where there were exactly six bunks and a door that lead to a fairly large bathroom. Looking round there was a one man shower, sink with a cabinet, a toilet, towels hanging on the walls, and a decent sized mirror.

"This is so awes-" Clementine was cut off from her sentence when she and I heard the door open. Quickly I closed myself into the bathroom and waited. Hopefully Clementine was smart enough to hide, she got us into this but I wouldn't want to see her in trouble. It was then I begun to hear them speaking.

"Who are you?" Liam's confused voice strained.


"What are you doing on our bus? You need to go before you get yourself into a big mess!" Louis quietly shouted.

"We wont tell but you have to leave, now." Niall's sweetly added as I heard him lead her out.

This wasn't going to end well for me. They were going to find me in here. They're going to send me to jail and tell my dad. Hes going to be so angry at me. I've never disappointed my father before and now is going to be the first, all because Clementine brought me into this bus. Silently I told myself to calm down; maybe if I go out now they will still allow me to leave.

"I'm going to take a shower, lads." Harry spoke to the rest of the boys.

Oh no. Not now. Not here! I began to panic, my eyes growing large and my body turning in all directions looking for a spot to hide myself. I cant go out there now. It was then I remembered, the cabinet. Quickly my body squeezed inside closing it just in time. To my bad luck the bus engine started and we drove away to who knows where. Now I was really panicking! My body began heating up, I'm going to be sick! Great, I'm in a bus going to another state with Harry Styles outside of the cabinet I am currently smashed in getting naked to take a shower. Getting naked?! I'm really in trouble now.. My dad is going to kill me.

* * *

Around an hour later I was tired of hearing the boys snoring and more importantly, I really needed to use the restroom. My phone screen lit up at a text from Clementine and a missed text from my sister. First I replied to my sister who asked where I was, father was worried about me; I'm sleeping at Clems for the night, I lied.

Clementine: Where the hell are you? I've been looking round the arena for an hour now!

Reply: You left me in the bus! I'm probably in another damn state now, thanks a lot. The least you can do is cover for me, my dad thinks I'm at your house. Do whatever you have to. Just don't tell him what happened!

I stared at the watch round my arm that read 2am till it was 7 in the morning when the bus finally came to a stop and alarms began going off. From the bathroom you could listen to everyone groaning and complaining about waking up. Maybe this would be my chance to get away. I had about thirty dollars in my pocket that I can pay for my ride home. My head was pounding from the headache I had given myself from panicking so much and my body was beginning to cramp from the lack of space in this cabinet. There were bottles behind me that painfully would leave temporary red marks and bruises on my back. The toilet next to the sink and cabinet I was in flushed and the water rushing from the fosset turned on above me.

"We're out of soap!" Harry shouted.

"Look in the cabinet! Paul bought some yesterday while he was in town!"

My day just gets better and better doesn't it.. The door swung open and my eyes were shut in embarrassment and regret. When they were opened, Harry stood there with a shocked expression played on his face. His brows came down in a frown and tongue glided out across his pink lips where any other time I would love to kiss but now I was afraid for my life. He stared at me for a few more seconds and opened his mouth to speak but I interrupted him.

"Please.. I didn't mean too. Please don't tell.." I pleaded.

His silence scared me to death. I wasn't ready to face this. I'm too young to go to jail. Harry ran his fingers through his hair. One hand was placed on the wooden cabinet and other over my shaking hand; thumb rubbing over the back in comfort.

"I-I'm not going to tell Paul. But they need to know if I'm going to help. Whats your name, love?"

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