A Drop of Hope

Her whole world is lie. She only knew the life of a home slave in a remote country. Katerina was kidnapped as a 2 year old girl and sold into a home. Until one day when she finally reached 17 she forced to leave her life of a slave in the home and started new adventures in a hive (Different type of slavery.) When other slaves challenge her, she sticks up for herself causing her new Master to take a liking of her.
Warning: I got this slave idea from a friend and a book I read from the library! So please don't report or anything I know some other story's similar are probably out there!!


6. Bonding, Work, and Harry

'You are on kitchen duty today." A dark haired boy hands me my schedule, "And By the way, the names Zayn." He says holding out his hand.

'Kat." I respond while smiling and taking his hand. "Hope you enjoy your first work day. It's not the bad."

"Thanks." I walk to out to the room a ha ll away from where i was. Kitchen Duty. I get to the first thing on my list. I guess today I'm mopping.


"Hey" Master says popping out onto the counter.

"Hey master." I say while scrubbing the counter next to him.

"What next on your list?" He asks.

"Just dishes and then I'm done." I say smiling. "Want help?"

"Why would you help me? Isn't the whole point for you not to work?"

He laughs "NOoo" He says jokingly. "I want to spend time with you."

I look at him. "Well then take that cloth and start scrubbing!" I say.  "Im done with  the counters."

Master takes the rag gets it very wet and soapy then to my surprise he actually scrubs a dish. About half way through cleaning He sprays the facet on me a little.

"Hey!" I yell "My dress!!" Since he knows I'm joking he sprays some more. This time through my soap rag hits him. "My suit!" He shouts. 'Well if you didn't want it ruined you shouldn't have teased the Kat!"

He laughs "Tease the Kat?" "You heard me Master!" I raise my eyebrows. "Big mistake Bro"

"Oh and kat."He pauses "Call me Harry, its my name." I stand shocked. He told me his name?

Before I know what hits me he spray his faucet on me again. By the end of my work were both soaking wet and laughing.

Master- er - Harry, Once again carries me to my room for the night. We get some strange looks as walk, including jealous stares and shocked too. But I don't care, right now in this moment I'm happy.

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