Not so Prince Charming

Casper Violet is a very closed off person. She trusts no one, not even her own family. Her distant personality usually drives a person away. But when it's the time for the next choosing, the Prince -who she hates with all her soul- comes back to taunt her. He soon falls for her(obviously). Will she take his hand in marriage, or continue running from her problems?

(Sorry for such a sucky blurb :P)
((Rated Y for mild swearing and little violence.))


3. Chapter III

*Warning: swearing is included in this chapter. Also this is a pretty crappy chapter, since I rushed it. Do hope you will enjoy and excuse the grammar and punctuation errors. Have a great day, that is all*

Prince Drew's POV:

It is ten minutes away from the interviews and I was currently hiding in my closet. Like hell am I getting married to some stupid girl. They throw themselves at me, hoping to became the queen of Dragonia (Draw•gon•ee•aw). HaHaHa, no.

"Sir?" The quiet squeak of my maid's voice came from the other side of my closet door. I swear if you open this goddamn door.. The door swung open revealing the petite figure of my stupid maid. I rolled my eyes, oh look she can't obey mental orders. "It's time." She scoffed and left. I can't stand her.

"Time for my freedom to distinguish. My happiness will fade to nothingness, while you celebrate my choosing." I muttered. Footsteps. I can hear the click of the girls' heels on the marble floors. Great.

"Welcome to the Choosing of Prince Drew! You are going to be living in this castle with eachother, so please get along. Three months from now, one of you will be declared Queen to Dragonia! So start acting worthy of such a title. Punishments do include beatings or death. Now, line up." My father said. He was sitting in his throne, with a microphone in his hand, and my mother was seated next to him. The six hundred girls struggled to get in a single-file line, seeing as there was too many of them.

"You will each be assigned to a maid. There will be there to assist you at any time. Their rooms will be directly next to yours, for safety measures. They will be choosing who to guide, so be patient. Maids, make your picks." My mother spoke up. My brothers smirked as I fully entered the ball room. I rolled my eyes and looked down on the girls. Too slutty, too shy, too loud, too annoying, too weird, too bubbly, too hyper, too friendly, too rude, too nice, too pretty, too skinny, too fat, too goth, too pink, too ugly... And the list went on.

I stopped on one girl though, she had little-to-no clothes on and had a tiara in her hair. She was a disgrace to women-kind. They expect me to fall on my knees because they show cleavage? How shallow do they think I am? She looked up at me and winked, while pulling down her already-too-short top. Um, no thanks. I looked around and spotted two familiar faces. One girl had light brown hair and the other had golden blonde hair. Both were really pretty and seemed to be annoyed, although the brunette looked annoyed to be here and the blonde looked annoyed at the brunette.

The brunette wore a long-sleeved crop top and ripped, black skinny jeans. She was a bit curvy, but not as much as the blonde. Her eyes were grey like the stormy clouds and her skin had a pale complexion. The blonde wore a pink tank top with black shorts. She was really curved. Her eyes were a bright, emerald green and she had a light tan. They were both around the same height and shared the same cute nose. Must be fraternal twins. It bothered me on how familiar they looked, especially the brunette.

I continued to stare, hoping I would finally remember who they were. The brunette looked up and glared up at me, she looked extremely pissed. Then she looked at my younger brother and smiled. He was only thirteen, yet girls fall for him at first glance. Damon smiled back and waved.

"What a flirt." I teased him.

"Well, you weren't making a move." He laughed and went on with his video game device. I looked back down and saw the brunette talking with the maids. She smiled and laughed with them and they admired her. The blonde was talking to the tiara girl and they both glared at the brunette. Weird. Only way to describe girls. Just weird.

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