The Secret Prankster

Vihan, a 16 year old nerd boy who, with his two nerd friends, pranks on people. No one knows who does all the pranks and they don't even doubt on the three friends because they are "Nerds". All of a sudden, the three friends seem to notice that there is one more person who is pranking other than them and he/she is much better. They set out to find out the answer to the question "Who is the secret prankster?" (Cover made by River Summers :D )


1. Chapter 1.

Oh god! What a foul smell! I don't know why I hang out at places like these with the only two friends (who are also nerds like me) I have. We have always been hanging out in those stinkiest and horrifying places in our town. I mean it's too damn dark that I won't be able to see my hand without a flashlight.

My shin bumps with the corner of a metal table.  "Ow!," I howl.  "Of all places in this freaking town, you only had to take me to this place? An abandoned, stinking corporate building." I say angrily and a little loudly than we should at this place.

Ritvik turns  and flashes the torch on my face and whispers, "You, mister, shut up. We are here to change your world and it is advised that the passenger of the life-changing-express should keep his mouth shut or else you would wake those annoying rats. And maybe bats too."

"And we don't want you to see them and scream and then ruin our ears with your girly squeals," Neel adds, who's walking behind me more non-dauntlessly than any of us.

"Look who's talking, the fearsome kid," I say, shaking my head in pity.

"Vihan Singh, there is a very important thing you should remember: We are here to change your world," Ritvik says, gesturing with his hands to make an invisible rainbow. Even though I only see a flashlight going down in a semi-circular way,  I know what he is doing because it is his gesturing cliché. 

"Change my world," I huff, mimicking Ritvik.

"You should not talk like that to the people who change your world. They are gods and they should be treated like gods."

 "Yeah, or we'll lock you in this abandoned building for the whole night," Neel adds.

I seriously don't have an idea why I roam around with these guys. They are like the male version of Bimbos. Ritvik is like the leader; Neel is the follower who always adds something to the sentence that Ritvik says and always praises Ritvik's ideas. I don't know why but whatever Neel says, seems like an addition to Ritvik's sentence to me; that's why he's the second Bimbo. And I am the probably-third Bimbo of this gang. 

Ritvik stops and turns, with his flashlight under his face and a creepy smile. "Stairs," he says and flashes the light on the stairs in front of us which we didn't seem to notice.

We climb up the stairs which leads us to another room. We are on the top floor of the building. It's an empty room only with a semi-circular grand-desk and a chair sitting alone in between the room and behind it, is a grand window from which we could see almost the whole city. The best part about it is that the moon light crept flawlessly inside the room making it blue. We drop our flashlights and I sit on the desk, facing the city lights.

"Hey, passenger, you need to work with us if you want us to make your life," Ritvik says behind me.

I turn around and see two of them taking out old, worn-out clothes and some glass cleaners out of their bag-packs. I don't know what they are up to but whatever they are doing is extremely stupid.

"Vihan! Get your skinny ass off that desk and come help us here," adds Neel.

I hop off the desk and walk towards them. "What the hell are you thinking to do? A new prank on someone?"

"We are not preparing for a prank, my friend," Ritvik says and walks towards me. He melodramatically puts his hand on my shoulder and purses his lips. "We are doing this because we are really proud of you and this is a gift from us"
"You're proud of me because…"
"You have a date," adds Neel. Now I understand why they, on the middle of the night, dragged me to this awful building.

"You are doing this for my date?" I ask.
"Yeah. We have planned a wonderful place, which is this place, for you to have your first date, " Ritvik says like an excited girl. God! Why am I friends with them?
"So you are saying that I will take my date to an abandoned building?"
"You're welcome."
"She'll won't even step inside this goddamn building, you know that. Do you want me to scare that poor girl to hell? She'll think I'm a freaking kidnapper."
"No she'll not because we are the life-makers. And life-makers will make the building come to life."
"You're an ass."
"Thank you for your compliments, sir."
I look at Neel who is busy cleaning the floor. "Why are you cleaning the floor?" I ask.
"For your date," he adds like a loyal servant.
I feel a little weird that they are so excited for my date when I'm not. This girl, Alisha, is extremely pretty but I don't actually like her. I  just asked her if she would like to grab lunch after school just because she gave me money for lunch one day at school when I forgot to bring my money and my idiot friends think that it's a date. It's hard to be a sixteen year old guy who has these type of girly-guy-friends.

"You know, we are doing this because this is the first time one of us has a date. And that too a super hot one," Ritvik says.  Yeah, he's quite true. As we are the "Nerds" of the class, we don't get to go out with girls because 1.No girl even tries to give glance at us.  2. We are nerds.  This is the first girl who actually notices the three of us and has also caught us doing pranks on people.  We do pranks and everybody's like, "Who is this person who does all these things?" and no one even thinks to suspect that it is us who do those things because we are not capable of being that cool as we are "Nerds". This is the first girl who thought that we are capable to do these cool things from which I come to a conclusion (which is an answer to a question)that Ritvik and Neel are excited because not only I am going out with a real pretty girl but also I am going out with someone who doesn't think that we are invisible.  So I don't actually blame the poor guys to be excited about it.

"Thank you for what you are trying to do, and I appreciate it but you two still seem stupid to me," I say, shrugging.

"So you won't help us make your life?" Neel asks.

I look down at him sitting on the floor. "Yep. Look, I'm sleepy, I'm tired and I am going home."
As I reach the ending of the first set of stairs, I hear Ritvik shouting, "Okay! You won't let us make your day, then we are done with it. We are done! Friendship-temporarily-over!"
"We'll meet tomorrow!" Neel adds.


As I reach home, I realize that my parents won't let me enter the house at the middle of the night so I decide to climb up to my toilet's window from my downstairs neighbour's ladder as they always keep it in their backyard. I quietly, with stealth mode on, go to their backyard. I have done this several times before but I don't know why I feel kind of scared.  Then suddenly I hear a laughter from behind me. I hold my breath and turn around nervously and see that the voice came from inside the house. I exhale with relief. Then I quietly lift their ladder and begin to walk towards the front of our house. As I walk, I manage to peek inside the house through one of their windows and I saw the girl laughing like a horse. There were other people laughing too laughing but I seem to notice that girl only because she was horse-laughing. The girl is also in my school. I don't know anything about my downstairs neighbours except that they are in the 4th stage of weird.    

I climb up to my toilet window as it is always open and pull the ladder into the toilet, then I throw it from the window of my room which faces our neighbour's backyard. It fell on the ground with a thump. I don't think that they seem to notice the sound over their loud laughter so I calmly hop onto my bed and sleep. I sleep by this rule: Sleep like it's the last one you'll ever take.


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