I So Ship

Which Harry Potter relationships do you ship? Let us know in the comments and we'll write them a one-shot chapter!


11. Drarry Part 1

As Harry walked into the Potions Room, someone caught his eye. There they were. There was his crush. There was Draco Malfoy...

Harry started feeling all weird inside, and avoided eye contact with him, as that would just make it worse. 

He moved to sit beside Ron, behind Malfoy. Ron gave frowned at him as Harry kept his eyes on the floor, Ron new that even though Harry hated hi fame, he was never a shy person.
"stop frowning Ronald, it makes you look ugly" Hermione elbowed him in the side, Harry smiled gratefully at her, maybe telling Hermione about his little crush had some uses. Harry took his seat as his two best friends erupted into argument, ah the normality of the situation. especially when the arguments now ended quickly and in making out, Harry found less bother in the situation.

Near the end of class potions improved for the Trio as Malfoy received a detention for almost blowing up the classroom. The three friends laughed together, though Harry less heartily. in the last minutes before the bell a slip of paper appeared on his desk it read:
"see you in detention beautiful" before the writing rearranged its self into a very inappropriate drawing of Snape, and the professor found it highly un amusing.
"it seems Mr. Potter, that you will be joining Mr. Malfoy in detention tonight" the greasy professor drawled as he ushered the class out of the room.

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