We never made it.

This is a Niam fan-fic. And I wrote this because I'm bored. And If you like it I'll continue it.


2. chapter 2

Niall's POV;

" Liam give me the keys " I told him in a strict voice. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

" babe, look I understand if your still jealous, but louis is just a good mate of mine! And you know he has his own girlfriend. Plus he's no where near being gay " Liam said. He grabbed my hand and gave me a warm smile.

I sighed and gave in, I smiled back. Liam took the keys from me, and went to start the car. I followed and got in the passenger seat.

" so babe how was your day? " he asked me

" it's was um, okay I guess. We have to do this project, about the human body. And all it's organs, cells, diseases. And we have to do it in partners . I got this kid named harry styles, wich by the way is a very weird name. " I told him . He nodded and kept driving.

" how was your day ? " I asked Liam'

" we'll you know the usual shit. Nothing new today. " he said and shrugged.

Liam turned off the engine and went into the house . I grabbed my belongings and went inside to. Liam collapsed on the leather couch. I went into our study room. I was writing a book, about how a girl who is a lesbian but is to scared to admit it, because her parents are against gays and shit.

I went into the kitchen and went to go make myself some coffee. I let the coffee machine do all the work. When my. Coffee was done I put 3 spoonfuls of sugar.

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