Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........



I wake up to my alarm blaring in my ears " ughhh I hate mornings" I mumble to myself. I lay back down on my bed as my brother comes into my room screaming and yelling at me "Lilly we are moving today, we are moving" I smiled at him and his smile that was filled with joy and his eyes filled with happiness I just loved him to pieces. I laughed at him as he fell of my bed onto my timber floor and ran out and down the stairs. I jumped out of bed and went to take a shower in my ensuite I washed my body and my hair, then got out dried myself and put the towel around me I walked out into my now empty bedroom and got some clothes out of my suitcases. I took out my ripped black skinny jeans and my white muscle tank top. I then walked into the bathroom and dried my hair with my hair dryer, then put on a small, thin amount of makeup just some foundation, mascara and eyeliner. I ran down the stairs holding my black high top converse and kissed my mum on the cheek and told her quickly that I was going to go and meet Summah and cearnna to say our good byes before we left she just smiled and told me to be back in 2 hours so we can leave to go to the airport, I put on my converse and raced out the door to the park, I grabbed my iPhone and told them I was coming. I was at the park and then saw them at the other side of the park sitting down at a table I raced over and said hi

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