ITS ME!!!!

After Liam cut my throt I got adopted and my dad Ashton and I was so happy to go but I was 5 then and I'm 16 now I want to see Liam but he is famouse in a boy band I'd never see him again


1. found me

Camron's pov

OMG dad I need money for that new pair of heels that came out all the girls have them at the photo shoot UR ONLY17 YEARS OLD !!!! No heels!! Yelled Ashton ugh I ran down stairs and batted my eye lashes Daddy can I please get some money for the heels NO!!! Ugh I wish I had a mom and I wish I had a sister but no I have a brother named Sam who is annoying like really dad u had to get some girl prego and she left just like my mom huh she was a dead beat a no one and u let her leave Sam hear to annoy me we'll ppl who annoy other ppl get stitches and they hurt real bad. U NEVER HAD STITCHES BEFOR!! Yelled Ashton. We'll maybe not but I no they hurt cuz they put a needle threw ur skin and crap.

Astons pov

I never no how but Cameron is starting to remember her past and that's bad I mean Liam is famouse and her mom isn't a drunk anymore so she could go back anytime and I'm not ready for that yet I love her and so does Sam and Liam will just hurt her again it's not fare that a little 5 year old girl got her neck cut open and crap bye her older brother and I no Sam won't ever do that to her EVER!.

Liam's pov

I was singing my part in moments when I started crying I was remembering val again WHY DID I HURT HER she would still be hear with me as my little sister she's 17 now and I'm. 19 I no her name is somthing like Cameron I no that she lost her memory and that she lives with Ashton from. 5dis I no she loves one direction cuz of her blog and that I'll find her

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