The Return To Gallifrey



[Before the actual fanfic blurb is put, I am going to say that is fanfic is set with the Doctor's 4th regeneration but the story sort of collides with modern Who also. And Denise is just an OC. Around this time, the Doctor is around 700 something years old just saying.}

After traveling with The Doctor for a while, Denise can say that he's an odd one. When in trouble, instead of cowering in fear or react like a normal person would, the Doctor would talk about something random such as architecture. But he always got a bit... Aggressive when she asked about his home planet, Gallifrey. The Doctor has only told her a tiny bit of where he came from, saying that they banished him (for reasons he won't say). He is then summoned back to Gallifrey where he has to help in the Time War against the evil Daleks. But some things go horribly wrong.....


1. 1: Vacation? Nope.

Denise looked through the vast wardrobe in search of something to wear. They were going on vacation for once (after Denise's constant begging) and the TARDIS has a very large wardrobe so wherever they go, they can fit into the crowd and not stick out like sore thumbs. She wanted to go somewhere exotic so Denise picked going camping in the rainforest. The Doctor had wanted to take her to an alien planet but she told him she wanted to go somewhere on Earth, not somewhere with ugly looking aliens, much to his disapproval. Denise decided on a rain jacket, rubber boots, a plain white shirt and sweat pants.

Right when Denise finished putting on her clothes, she collapsed on the floor, quickly grabbing onto one of the racks, yet, making it fall with her as the TARDIS shook.

"DOCTOR!!!!!" She screamed. He could never fly the TARDIS without crashing or something.

"I have it under control Denise! Don't worry!" He yelled back. Denise growled under her breath and marched into the control room where he was leaning over the TARDIS controls. The Doctor was an eccentric person but Denise has gotten used to his strange ways. He was tall, he wore a dark reddish brown coat with a checkered brown, cream colored vest, dark grey pants, he always wore a colorful long scarf that dragged at his feet when he walked.

"Master," K-9 said.

"Not now K-9!" The Doctor yelled over the sound of the TARDIS materializing, he ran around the controls, flicking switches, pressing buttons, and pulling levers. Finally, after what seemed of decades of shaking and screaming, the TARDIS gave one last CLANG sound and everything stopped.

"There we go!" The Doctor smiled at Denise and took his hat from the rack near the entrance and then opened the TARDIS doors to reveal a rainforest.

"Wow, Doctor! For the first time you've landed where you have wanted to land!" Denise laughed as she walked past him, into the rainforest.

He chuckled and walked next to her, K-9 following close behind. "We should stay close to the TARDIS in case of any emergencies." The Doctor said as they both stopped to stand in between some bushes.

"You just want to go stay in the TARDIS! No sir, I want to get the full experience of camping in a rainforest," Denise said as she picked up some sticks. "Now, go over there and pick up some large sturdy branches so we can make a good old fashion shelter!" She exclaimed.


It took a long while, but with the help of K-9, they were able to make a make-shift tiny hut of sorts made out of long branches.

The Doctor was currently waving his Sonic Screw Driver around the hut.

"What exactly are you doing Doctor?" Denise asked.

"Making sure it isn't going to fall, is what I am doing." He replied then crawled inside with K-9, Denise following afterwards.


The next morning, the Doctor had gone back into the TARDIS because quote on quote "I am just going to check the controls and see if nothing is wrong." Denise let him go, sighing.

Moments later, The Doctor came back with a wild look in his eye, grabbing his hat and yelling for Denise to get back into the TARDIS.

"Why?" She asked.

"There is no time to explain! Just go!!" He said.

Denise seemed to sense that this was no joke, there might actually be something wrong because the Doctor doesn't often lose his cool like this, so she followed him back onto the TARDIS.

He ran to the controls and began to do his routine of yelling and touching various complex looking buttons, levers, and switches.

Then there was the trembling and shaking.

Whatever had caused the Doctor to act this way, Denise just knew it wasn't going to be good, honestly, she felt a bit afraid at what awaited them.

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