Laura and One direction

Lucy wants to go out with a boy called Aaron but Harry styles and the others arrive at Laura's school! Harry wants Laura to go out with him. What will happen.........?


1. Me

Hey! I'm Laura. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin. I am really popular and have lots of friends but I have one BEST friend. Her name is Audrey. She looks pretty enough but she definitely wouldn't be the prettiest! (No offence!) Audrey is not really popular, she just tags along with me.

Ok, there is this guy, he likes me a lot! But Audrey likes him! Audrey doesn't know that he likes me and I don't want to tell her!!!! His name is Aaron. He is quite cute, well that's what all the girls say!

Yesterday we went shopping, Aaron was there with his mates. All Audrey did was stare at him. I had to practically drag her away! But I could see in the corner of my eye that Aaron was looking at me!

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