Ray Guns Out

Three killjoys end up fighting in the battle that would change battery cities history. How did they get there? Why don't you find out?


1. The Mysterious Motorbike

(This is my first story I've ever thought was good enough to publish and I do apologize, this is my starting chapter so its just gonna be complete rubbish. Again, very sorry. I promise I'll do better)

Three people sat around a fire at 4:36AM listening to a radio. "This is dr. Death defy signing off...." The American national anthem began to play with a few "zzzzzzzts..." And "kkkkkksss..." Interrupting the song. "Well.... That's it for tonight, I guess, huh Six..." A dark blue haired teenage boy smiled at a girl in an old black coat that looked like it belonged in a parade style marching band. Another girl piped right into the teens ear "Yeah.... It sucks that all dr. Deaths broadcasts have to be so short. It's probably even hard to get those 10 minutes of airtime with B.L.I. Controlling the airwaves and all". The teenage boy smiled and pushed the shouting girls face away from his "ugh, Morco, personal space bro.... I totally agree with you though. I don't know how he gets the time everyday but he does somehow". "She cant help herself jasik, she's 14 and doesn't know anything" Six laughed and flicked a rock at the other girl. "Shut up Six!! Or should I use your first name instead?" Morco frowned and stamped her feet. "Don't you dare...." Six looked at her with deadly serious eyes. Jasik sighed "oh no.... Morco stop. Just call her by her last name....". Morco smirked "no. She can deal with it if I use her real name! And that would be, Helena!.... Helena Six!". Six stood up from her seat on an old tool box and looked down at the two. "Okay.... If we're gonna play like that I'll take a swing too. Your-" the girl was cut off by the sound of a very large vehicle coming around the corner of the huge rock they sat next to. "Crap!! I didn't know they were doing the patrol this early!! Hurry, put out the fire and get the stuff in the car!!" Jasik scrambled to get the fire out while six and Morco grabbed the stuff. "Okay we got it now lets blaze!!". Morco and Jasik jumped into the car and watched Six sprint around the corner. "What is she doing!! Does she wanna end up in body bag!!??" Morco shouted in Jasiks ear. "I'm not waiting for her to get us killed!!! Lets go!!" He started up the car and sped away right as a gang of B.L.I. Draculoids and Scarecrows came around the corner in they're huge truck. Meanwhile, Six ran up to a large object and smiled "I forgot to tell them I had this...." She thought. she admired the sleekness and shininess of the object and smiled "Now this.... This is cool. Screw Jasiks Car this is cool. I wonder what poison would think if I-" Someone shouted around the corner and she saw lights searching for the the group of killjoys. "How many?" A man asked "three sir. Two got in a car and the other....", The man stifled a laugh, "Ran away... She's round the corner I think, sir. Should we get a body bag ready?". Six heard all of this and was furious. "I didn't run away!! I went to get my ride!!" She thought angrily. "Ugh!! This is pointless. It's no use risking my own life because some stupid Scarecrow insulted me" six thought. "Sir! My heat scanners show there's someone on the other side if the rock! She's just.... Standing there..." A voice shouted. "Oh, crap!!" She hopped onto the bike and started it up. "It's go time baby!!". The scarecrows and draculoids flooded to where six had been but it was to late. She hit the ultra speed and disappeared into the morning, chasing after Jasik and Morco.
~A little later in the day~
  "What do you think she was doing, Jasik?" Morco whispered in His ear. "NO!! NOPE!! NO MY GOD!!! STOP IT!! STOP!! Why are you always talking in my ears!!?? Why??!!" Jasik stared at Morco waiting for an answer. "Uhm.... First of all. You said No my god. Why would you do that? And second what are you talking about? An third, you didn't answer my question!" Morco stood there casually trying on dead killjoys  jackets that she collected. "Oh my god!!... I give up!!" He put his face in his hands and fell back on what was left of the couch. "Okay!! Whatever makes you happy darling. On another note... This jacket looks fantastic on me!! What do you think?" She smiled and posed like a model against the door frame. "Ugh... I'm going to look for Six. While I'm gone could you do me a favour? Grow up a little...". He got out the of the house and turned turned left and saw six sitting there watching a bird eating another dead bird. "Oh... Hey there Six... Can I join you?" She looked up at him and shrugged "whatever suits you... so, Yeah sure...". The two sat there for a while watching the bird until Jasik said "what did you do six?". "What did I do? Oh, nothing. I just... I just got something..." She said "and that would be..... What?" Jasik asked. "Oh uh nothing...", six looked away and mumbled, "just a motor bike I found in the desert... You know casual things like that". "You found a what in the desert?" He asked. "a motorbike...." She grimaced and prepared for the verbose attack. "YOU FOUND A MOTORBIKE SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT AND YOU JUST TOOK IT!!!??? What if it was another killjoys!!?? Did you even think about the chance that it could have been planted there by B.L.I. To keep tabs on us!!??" Jasik was raging so hard that he had to stop and take a deep breath. "I highly doubt B.L.I. Put it in the desert to watch us. It sticks out to much. It's not exactly natural to see a random motorbike in the middle of the desert" Six crosses her arms and looked at Jasik. "You never know if it was meant to be seen and taken by a killjoy. They could be tracking us right now Six!! They might already be on their way!!" He was exasperated and was breathing heavily."Fine!! i'll get rid of the bike!!" Six shouted. "Good... on another note, we need to talk about running off and almost dying..." Jasik said. Six smiled and laughed until she saw Jasiks face. He looked so serious it scared her. "W-what are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that Jasik?". "You shouldn't just run off like that Six. It's not safe", Six was about to protest but Jasik cut her off, "I'm completely aware that you could take down a whole platoon of dracs and crows but I don't like the thought if you having to fight alone. It's discomforting. We're a team Six. We fight together. Think of your brother. He is the most badass killjoy of them all but it doesn't mean he goes solo and he completely rejects everyone who try's to help him take down B.L.I.", Jasik paused and sighed, "what I'm trying to say is your brother has a team and so do you. You should fight along side yours... not alone". She stared at him for a moment and then said "my brother.... He's the best brother anyone could ever have but the fact that he's the greatest killjoy to ever live kinda puts me in his shadow. I try to do things differently but we're twins and we're so much alike that it's hard for me to be unique. Do you get what I mean, Jasik?". He closed his eyes and felt the hot desert sun beating down on him "kind of... Not really... I'm an only child so I don't exactly get it...". The two sat there for a little while then six heard Morco shout from inside the house "HELENA- I mean.... SIX!!! Come here!!! You have to hear this!!!". Jasik and six ran inside and sat down on the floor with Morco who turned the radio up. "News from Bat city tumble weeds, listen up. The Dracs and Crows will now be raising the patrol levels to 94% due to a near run in at the plasma rock this morning with three of our very own killjoys: Jasik Venom, Morco Jetset, and our radically electrifying Six. No body bags were filled and B.L.I. Was made to look slow by the speed of Sixes get away ride. We-" Jasik turned the volume down so they could talk. "How do they know it was us? I don't think it was that obvious. What ride is D talking about? It's not like we have a style of chaos. Do we?" Morco asked. "Well I know you have one, Morco. It's the most annoying thing in the world and it drives me insane!" Jasik grumbled. "Are you seriously still talking about that ear thing? I don't do that Jasik. Six will agree with me won't she?" She looked over at six expecting her to agree but instead she just grimaced and shrugged. "Hey it's not my fault you like to invade people's personal space!". Morco frowned "oh whatever...."   Later that night as Six was getting ready to go to bed she heard a knock on the front door. "Ugh what? Why? It's like 2:40 in the morning!... Go away!!!" She shouted and continued to climb into bed. The knock came again and again until Six couldn't stand it anymore. "OH MY GOD!! What do you wan-" she opened the door and stared at the person in the door way. "Oh.....".             
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